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Sonoma SST - Nashville Pull-A-Part

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Was put out while is was there. Had been sitting for 10 mins when I took this picture. Been out about 30 mins.

Has all cladding and front bumper cover. No rear roll pan. At some point the truck had been painted and they tried to smooth in the seam from cladding to body. Most of that has cracked free. The cladding looks pretty good overall, didn't see any tears or gouges. They sit it so that the rear pieces are holding the weight of the truck. It looks to have been sitting for a while.

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Where is that MF'er at. I have an ST and want that now..Does that ride have Sy/Ty
wheels on it ?



and from a long time ago..

Not sy/ty wheels, look like a old school wheel made by crager. Somebody needs to get that whole truck and restore it, its a rare one!
Not Sy wheels. They are the wheels that came on them. I think the brand is KMC. I've looked online for a pic of the style but no luck. They look literally like a sawblade. They're 15's. If it had Sy wheels on it I would have gotten them.

The truck is in Nashville TN.

When I came around the corner and first saw it I thought it was a Cameo and I about crapped myself.

They will NOT sell the whole truck. I've tried before.
some one needs to strip that bitch down... PLEASE
why wont they sell all of her?
Their standard answer is "they are not a car dealership". I'd say it has something to do with the titling process. I think once they take one in it becomes titled as scrap. Plus in TN you have to have a license to be a "dealer".
Tell you need everything but the gas tank.
Would love to have that. ^ I agree. Say you need almost everything from it or see if you can buy it as a roller.
As I remember it, which is likely not very good it's been a few years, the SST was not a factory truck. It was somebody company's conversion. All a person would need to make their 91-93 an SST would be the cladding. Well, that and lowering.
i would sooooo rock those wheels
if the yard just took it in then why not transfer the title for a quick buck? That'd be my route.
i went and saw this truck today it had damn near perfect door panels. that i now own.
I didn't know those even existed. I say make 'em an offer (under the table) they can't refuse.

So I'm guessing all of the SST trucks were 4.3 / 5spd??
personally when i looked at the truck it wasn't anything special had a base interior with a bench seat and a fugly body kit.
Hey if that truck is stil there do u think you can get the brackets for the side cladding and the nylon washers for the wheel arches i will gladly pay you for ur time and then some if it's possible thanks tim 914 473-6880
PM'd Op
Also does it have all 4 of those sawblade 15" wheels? Caps aren't important

I'd like some more pics of the cladding & am interested in getting some of it if you'd be willing to help me out
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