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Sonoma rear diff leak

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Hey all. I just discovered this fluid mark on the Sonoma's rear diff cover.
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Last I checked the fluid (about a month and a half ago), it was at an appropriate level. Not sure why there’s this wet mark now. Any ideas?
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That cover looks pretty bad. I’d get a new one.
Thank you all for the replies. @Joe Cool now that I think about it, I could’ve sworn I saw a teeny tiny hole in it in that general area last time I got up close to it. But I thought it may just be a breather or something. I will get underneath it again and check again (make sure my mind isn’t playing tricks on me🤣). I do agree that it’s very odd. And, luckily, the plug on mine works good, so it shouldn’t be any problem there. Anyone know where I can find a good replacement for the cover?
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Shoot. I was just about to ask that. I’m not sure exactly which one I have. If this info helps, it’s a 4WD 02. With the 3.42 (GU6) and Positraction (G80)
Standard question....can you post a pic? If the axle tube narrows a couple of inches past the center section, it would be an 8.5".
Eh...never mind.

Here are the differences...
def looks to me more like a brake fluid leak...oil up that high in the diff would only be lil' splashes from the gears
I don't think so. There's no residue on the line. It looks like is leaking under the bolt holding the brake line bracket.
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Spray them with some PB Blaster or Kroil oil. Do it several times over a few days. Take care when loosening the bolts, and stay away from impact guns. If you get a little movement…spray them again.
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I'm impressed, not many people know about Kroil. It's expensive but worth the cost.
😂 😂 Me too. A friend gave me a can a few years ago..works great.
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