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something ive always wanted to build..

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hello everyone. a close friend of mine bought me a car for christmas, the guy that originally owned it, owns a motor shop and rebuilt the stock motor to make it into a sleeper. well he told me the motor should handle around 22psi of boost...but im not out for speed, so i pulled the motor and gave it to a buddy to use, but he scraped it. well i had an extra s10 rolling chassis, alot of 2x3,1x1 and sheetmetal to spare. i also have an 87 sbc with low mileage...so lets put them together. i built an underslung chassis,(at that point), i am going to notch it since im forced to use such a small wheel. well, im using 15x7 hammers temporarily,and im goin for a rat-rod stlye with this car...it used to be FWD, now its RWD, bagged and bodied...lol so ill post some pics. hopefully you guys like it, cause ive had 3 of these cars and ALWAYS wanted to do this, now i have the chance and im gonna make it happen. the fuel cell is a stainless electrical panel from work that i cut up to make a cell, i tig'd up 2 stainless air tanks, this car will get all stainless lines, im running a 2 link with front and back air suspension. probably gonna get a rear disc conversion if i dont find a blazer rear...anyways...heres a few pics...

heres the engine, itll get march performance pulleys and brackets, motor will be dropped as much as possible.

ill skip some of the build up pics and just get to the good part. heres how the frame sits now, this pic has the sbc mounted behind it, you can barely see the valve covers.

and heres the car the sits over the frame:

the motor in the car before i lowered motor:

all that fun stuff plus its getting a 49' ford shoebox dash, i have a dakota digital gauge for the dash already, im running a lokar nostalgia shifter, sbc 350 with a 700r4, the driveshaft is gonna be extremely short...lol

oh, and yes, it is a plymouth reliant. yup, 2 door k car. :haha:
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im planning to run back seats, hopefully somewhat of a system, i really wanted to run 2 15"s in the trunk but i dont see it happening. im probably taking it to dropt n destroyed this year if i can get the brake lines done, the brake booster and steering column installed and some floor and hopefully a firewall.
Thanks man, I've had 3 k cars, last 2 were 4 doors and I always talked myself out of it. I will get the sbc under Stock hood. I can't wait to get it together and running!
I saw that first picture and said to myself theres no way he's talking about that K car in the background haha. Scroll down and sure enough! So sick dude, and the work is awesome.
Thanks again, I've wanted to do this since I was 16, I was gonna run an underslung chassis but Rollin 15"s I would only get like 5-1/2" lift lol. Which is good because Ill always be Ridin low, just rather have some lift. I'll be puttin 18"s on it maybe this winter if everything works out
I'm also running dehumped lowers and speedway uppers and stock spindles. I'm debating whether to pick up some sd arms or drop spindles. I may get the drop spindles and I'll be good for 18"s. the wheels I have are only 7/8" smaller Than 18s with 215/35/18, I'm running 195/50/15 right now.

So if anyone wants to donate drop spindles I'd appreciate it! Lol
lol this is a wonderful idea!
This is quite odd but I like it..
you do some good work man!!! never thought that style car could look cool but i was wrong. awsome job!!!
looking real good.i hate the k cars but this one looks sick
This is going to be epic...subscribed. Always loved when people dared to be a little different.
Subbed it sure is different

Back in the day a friend built a yellow Omni on a ram charger chassis and nick named it the omelette :rotf:
Thanks everyone for the comments, I'm hopin to get the body onto the frame this week. That way I can finish the floor and start the firewall. I need to get tie rods so I can connect the steering up, hopefully someone is open today
so badass
I "pinned" the link bars, I drilled and tapped 3/8"-16 holes and put Allen head bolts in the bars that was slightly smaller than the hole in the lowering block.

I just had a temporary block in that I welded up until I could find what I needed.
I also got the steering box, drag link, aand pitman arm hooked up. The outer tie Rods were cut to get them out of the spindles a while back.

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