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some random pictures

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The Datsun with the wheels painted red.

A pretty sick wagon at MPC

Delaney Walker's Cutlass at Paul's shop
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Pictures from Summer Madness Uprising 2009

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just some pics of cameron passed out.

Cameron passed out

hazing of virgin truck runners

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My Dads poor man's Chevy back in the day

My friend Al's 63 impala SS

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Takin over the front room for a few days

Our old rehearsal space in JB's garage

Now back to the automotive pics

those were just for you ezmouse

A 55 sedan delivery
More stock styled 409

Heavily modified 409

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Chaves Racing 2009

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man i have to start working on the 71 thanks joel
Thats why I posted those good motivation for you. I am gonna start working on my 62 again also.
cool pics of Brets funny car
I forgot that I had those the second one is much clearer. Ariel's camera takes some nice pictures.
Halloween Photos

The Old couple on Halloween Night

The old couple hanging out with Slash.

The Rivals

Drunk ******
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1962 Chevrolet Bel-Air Bubbletop

62 Bubbletop Bel-Air

A 1962 Biscayne two door post.

Badass 68 Camaro

Love these colors

Badass 55

1969 RS/SS Camaro

Thats one Badass engine!!!
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