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Some pics of my 84!

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The exterior after some wax.

And the interior.

The floor shifter

And the pillar mounted tach

And the heart f the beast!

I have a better pic, but digitalfridge got nuts tonight and wouldn't let me upload it.

Enjoy, Brian
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Sweet ride you have there. What is the shifter out of?

If I had a wittle bitty 355 in my blaz I know I would need stock in tires. :D
thanks for the comments :) think the shifter is from the 69 Camaro the tranny is from. the ngine/tranny were done when I got my baby. I am doing finishing things right now. Got T-bars to go o and getting a generic exhaust to qwell the backfiring. I got her to be myeveryday driver, but now I want more! :D

Nice ride! Here's a hint to try a put some weight on the back end. Fill a spare tire with cement and mount it back underneath. Helps tons in the traction department.
hey there

sweet sleeper there
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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