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Solid axle swap

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I would like to do a solid axle swap. I have a 98 s10 4.3 4x4. I would like to be able to run 35s. What axles would be best and I would like to be able to use a kit if possible.
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Sorry thank you
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It’s a relatively easy swap, if you have the knowledge, and tools. What axles would be best is totally up to you.
Let me put it in a different way, without much more info from you, the sky is the limit. I could be telling you the best axles are some billet portals with a price tag of about $20k each axle. I doubt you’re ready to spend 40K just on axles, with no supporting parts to go with them.

Adding descriptive things like, what your plans are, how high your jumping when you’re doing the Baja 1000, how much horsepower your twin turbo Ls7 is going to make, what RPM your planning on shifting while hitting the hills during the King of Hammers, or when you’re planning on debuting your gold plated chassis at on the yearlong worldwide lowrider tour.

So, type of info, budget, your skill level all helps when asking these type of questions.
I can weld and I can make all the metal mounts I would need. I would like to put a 4bt in it sometime. And budget is probably around 1-2k if that’s reasonable
I would like to do a dana 44s with 31-35s. Truck has 6in lift. Not big enough for me and rebuild front end 3 times in the 7 months I had it. Will be doing 5.7 tbi swap in future. Not much knowledge about how the swap will work with the t case and button shift can weld and make almost any metal mounts I might need would like some tires to poke
I would like manual hubs but how would that work with the stock t case.
Have brand new 31s on it would probably go 33s max. And either a 4bt or a 5.7 tbi. If that helps any
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