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So what did you do at work today?

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Well I had to replace a bad emergency flasher switch in an 01 Vette. Ya, you think "SWEET a VETTE". Well wrong answer guys, had to damn near tear apart the whole entire forward interior just to replace the switch which is located next to the middle air vent:

LOL, I just noticed my test light still connected there!! Don't even ask me where the fuse box is on that damn thing, you wont even come close to guessing unless you already know.
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On a sidenote, and a wild swing from one car to another, when I finished the Vette, I moved on to replace an ignition switch in a..............1977 AMC Hornet:

Not this exact car, but one that was turd brown, Jeff you should know the car, he must work up at County Market or something, turd brown, big dent in the rear driver door real POS.
What a change of pace....
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Whats funny is the dash of a Vette uses the same flasher as a Gran Am, lol, replaced one of those the other day, it was much easier.

Andrew, yep, Progress closed last summer and am currently going to college for Auto Technology and am working as a tech this summer for school, kinda like an apprenticeship.
Had to replace a clutch in a Chevrolet 3500 today, it sucked because it is a dump truck(dump bed for wood chips)and has the damn PTO on the side of the trans, so had to move some things around to get the tranny out. I am not looking forward to putting it back in Monday, I hate working on the floor, but our lifts were to short because of the big dump box bed.

And DeathPhoenix, you guys do truck tires where you work? I freaking hate 19.5 rims!!!!!!!!
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