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So want a v8 s10....

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With new to me knowledge of the engines that will bolt up to the existing drive train I may have a formula for swapping a v8 into an s10 ......anyone feel free to chime in ...
Using metric bellgousing ....so this will be a 2.8 v6 easy swap recipe 馃憣馃榾...
The smorgasbord of metric bellhoisings are really good options ....imagine gramps and his cadillac sedan deville with a bad trans for cheap ....not a purist exploit ....but if it fits it roasts tires and equalls fun ....
Anyone done this yet put a 4.9 caddy motor into a s10 that used to have a 2.8 and used the ecu and all wiring from the cadillac. Fuel pump may need swapped but ....all in a day's work ...

Or may re invent the wheel and use the entire subframe and make it front wheel drive 馃殫馃檮馃槈馃槣馃槒馃ぃ....any input welcome plz no haters 馃槈
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We need one of those dogs CBP uses. They can smell out either of these:
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Because this whole thread is either too much meth or trolling.
Quite a few comments fishing for a reaction.
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When I checked my email this morning I received a response to my troll or meth comment. Thought everyone should see it.
Further cementing the fact s10 owners are scum .....my mother and sister were involved in a collision with an s10 when I was young and ruined my sister's brain 馃and motor function for her entire life .....the s10 was a v8 swapped atrocity I saw rip a 77 chevy Monte Carlo in half during a rainy day from the school drop off point.....and having panic attacks for hrs afterwards and wanting to leave the school.....but they wouldn't let me .....I didn't know what happen or if it was them until I made it home mom never showed up and I ended up riding a bus home out of route from where I lived my aunt got a call from the state police when they found mom's purse all the while I saw it happen from 1/4 mile away ......and no one listened ky 25 e flat lick ky a new 4 lane hwy had just opened and rain was pouring and the driver blew thru a 4 way stop coal trailer on an s10 with heavy equipment pushed him and her across all four lanes.....my mother and sister were in the way to my sisters 6 wk checkup and didn't make it there....but by the grace of God they both lived 馃挋... my sister had seizures til she was 15 yrs old and lost all use if her left side from the gearshift in the forward facing carseat bludgeoning her skull...there accident changed carsest design and placement........

Sorry to be a dick or a troll but won't hear from me no more ......
Surprised no one noticed his used handle:
Ec2s revenge againsts 10s

The PM that contained this has been closed. Think maybe this post needs to be too or better yet totally deleted.
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This is a country with a 1st amendment that I would be the last person to challenge. Nothing wrong with calling yourself what ever you want. But,
Did you read the PM he sent me? When you combine the content of that with his user name it sounds like he's not here to contribute.
I agree with bk2 if the story is true he's got my sympathy. But it could also be meth induced hallucinations and paranoia?
Hard to psychoanalyze someone over the innerweb.
How about we respect his right to climb on a soap box and preach fire and brimstone and send him to a more appropriate sub forum?

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