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So want a v8 s10....

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With new to me knowledge of the engines that will bolt up to the existing drive train I may have a formula for swapping a v8 into an s10 ......anyone feel free to chime in ...
Using metric bellgousing ....so this will be a 2.8 v6 easy swap recipe 馃憣馃榾...
The smorgasbord of metric bellhoisings are really good options ....imagine gramps and his cadillac sedan deville with a bad trans for cheap ....not a purist exploit ....but if it fits it roasts tires and equalls fun ....
Anyone done this yet put a 4.9 caddy motor into a s10 that used to have a 2.8 and used the ecu and all wiring from the cadillac. Fuel pump may need swapped but ....all in a day's work ...

Or may re invent the wheel and use the entire subframe and make it front wheel drive 馃殫馃檮馃槈馃槣馃槒馃ぃ....any input welcome plz no haters 馃槈
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4.9 caddy motor into a s10
junk engine into an s10.
there are so many better options with kits made to make the swap easy.
might as well swap a toyota V8 into an s10, at least it will make some decent power and actually be worth it in the end
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I don't drink budweieser and don't feel the need to date my cousin....
if thats how you feel about sbc/LS swaps, then im a cousin lovin, sister daddy, daughter dating son of a gun.
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When I checked my email this morning I received a response to my troll or meth comment. Thought everyone should see it.

Surprised no one noticed his used handle:
Ec2s revenge againsts 10s

The PM that contained this has been closed. Think maybe this post needs to be too or better yet totally deleted.
i think @Rhotpursuit and or @Mostizzle should delete this thread and ban the username.
if the sotry is true, its unfotunate. But, to register a name like that on an S10 board isnt right.
That's some dave chapelle kinda stuff..
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