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So want a v8 s10....

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With new to me knowledge of the engines that will bolt up to the existing drive train I may have a formula for swapping a v8 into an s10 ......anyone feel free to chime in ...
Using metric bellgousing ....so this will be a 2.8 v6 easy swap recipe 馃憣馃榾...
The smorgasbord of metric bellhoisings are really good options ....imagine gramps and his cadillac sedan deville with a bad trans for cheap ....not a purist exploit ....but if it fits it roasts tires and equalls fun ....
Anyone done this yet put a 4.9 caddy motor into a s10 that used to have a 2.8 and used the ecu and all wiring from the cadillac. Fuel pump may need swapped but ....all in a day's work ...

Or may re invent the wheel and use the entire subframe and make it front wheel drive 馃殫馃檮馃槈馃槣馃槒馃ぃ....any input welcome plz no haters 馃槈
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The biggest problem I see is they are getting harder to locate parts for them since they stopped making them in 1995.
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I meant the engine not the S-10
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No need for a 4 bolt main block unless you're doing 8 second 1/4 miles or pulling trees out of the ground. I have seen many 500=hp 350 engines with 2 bolt main blocks over the years, It's your S-10 do what you wish! As for me, I am pro GM so no foreign stuff for me unless it's the only place to get parts I need. I have a 4x4 V8 powered lifted Astro van so my S-10 is my winter vehicles, but I will still fix it all up.
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I had a friend years ago that had this outrageously built 66 Chevelle Big block super charged with nitrous, after his gf broke it off he took off in the chevelle high speed down a country road and hit the nitrous and died so should they out law Chevelles? My point being anyone can build a dangerous verhicle and kill someone it does not make the model of car in question dangerous, just the one that was built badly. Such things like huge engine /tiny brakes/ or huge wheels rubber band tires and a vehcile not properly set up for such a dumb look (my opinion) Sorry for his situation but its not the problem with every S-10 out there.
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