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So it begins 2000 S10 Project Smurf

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So on Tuesday night my rear passenger bag took a crap on me. Got it towed blah blah... Time for the LRD 6LINK:D:D On with the pics. This is my daily so I won't be able to paint my frame just yet :(

How it sat after the passenger bag took a crap on me.

Then this happened today after i put it up on stands. I forgot to jack up the axle and support it. Whoops LOL

Got the taillights out and bed loosened up today also. Not sure who cut the ground on the tails and then tightened a new one to the bed, but i could use a new harness if anyone has one.

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What do you have on it now, a two link?

Not hating just wondering.
Nice collection of sport planes there. Lol
Any more pics of the rear setup? I've been looking and planning out how to do a behind and under setup similar to that, right under the frame rail. Curious about tire clearance mostly. Truck's looking good though!
Yeah I have considered doing a two link also. Honestly right now it is just about the only rear setup that I could concievably afford.
This is a bolt on 2 link that i am taking off. Both bags are destroyed of course. But it will be for sale. It definitely needs new bushings for the link bars. It rides good IMO but i just wanted a 6 link. hopefully more pics tomorrow. I loosened all my bed bolts, disconnected all my airline and gauges. Now i need the neighbor to come over and help remove the bed.
So my neighbor didn't show up to help get my bed off and I have to wait until tomorrow. I need a taillight wiring harness if anyone has one. Here is the plug style.

The Harness was cut and grounded to the tailgate cable. You can see where it was tapped into at on the brown wire.

And the high stop only wire was bare and just hanging there with strands of wire sticking out instead of being tucked away nicely.

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Got the bed off today and made some progress.

Pics of the rear.

The passenger side bag that gave out on me because it rubbed through. And the Driver side that blew out because i forgot to support the damn axle.

Old link setup most of the way off. Still have one bar to get off on the passenger side. The bushing was completely gone on the pan hard bar.:eek:

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Looks like you have one of the old Air Lift 3-link kits. Not a terrible kit but you'll probably like the geometry of the LRD kit better. Planning on notching it so it will lay out while you're at it?
I don't plan to notch it yet. I need to get it out of my in-laws garage. I got more done today. Took 2 f**kin hours to get the gas tank cross member off.

As it sits right now with nothing really tightened up. I have a pinion of 5*. Is that ok? The drive line doesn't have any extreme angles.
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I also haven't set the ride height yet. But this is pretty close to my ride height. Or should I temporarily air up the back to make it easier setting the pinion angle.
the first set up u had was not a 2 link, and it was not bag on bar just so you know.

New stuff looks great tho
That color on the new link setup is intense. I love it.

But yeah once I saw the old link with the bed off I was like hey that's not a 2 link that's 3 link with a panhard. It may not be the fanciest setup out there but it's definitely not bad.
The driver side leaf perch is being a pita. I need to get the damn thing off tomorrow so I can get it all buttoned up on Thursday.
So I got everything together and I'm not getting as much lift as I expected. And I can't really turn the bars out much more. At least I think I can't. I guess I'll see tomorrow for sure since the bed is back on. I need to finish up the wiring again. Any suggestions are appreciated.
I have the dog bones for 18s and am not notched yet. When aired out everything looks good.
How tall are your bags when aired out?
So here is what my bags in the rear look like aired all the way up. Shocks are maxing out. I still have the entire spare tire cross member out back and the frame is tweaking just a little. I feel i should be getting more lift and that the shocks shouldn't be maxed out so easily.

Here is what the dog bones look like when aired up all the way.

Aired up.

back bags aired out.

All aired out. I'll get better pics in daylight. I'm about an 1-1 and 1/2 inches from laying out without a notch. And I have a mini notch to put in still.

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