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~~~So Cal, Wahoo's Meet Greet n Eat #3~~~

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Yet another onne of our popular Wahoo's cruise. If you have never been before, basically we meet up and cruise Pacific coast highway in Seal beach down to Wahoo's in Hunington beach for some lunch. Please see below for the Info:

Location: 665 Seal Beach Blvd, Seal Beach CA

Meeting Time & Date: Sunday September 13th @ 10:30 am (Subject to change)

Our usual meet spot :cool: Here are some screen shots as to make it as easy to find as possible:

If you are on the 405, get off at Seal beach Blvd. Make a left and drive about 2 miles down until you see the intersection of Bolsa Ave. We meet in an Elementary school parking lot on the right.

As you are driving South:

See the Address:

Cruise Destination: 120 Main St Huntington Beach, CA 92648

After we meet up and hang out for a while, we will be cruising down pch to Wahoo's Fish tacos down in Hunington beach. To get there, Head out of the parking lot and south on Seal beach Blvd. Then make a left onto PCH:

Then we will cruise about 25-30 miles south down to Hunington beach. Make a left onto Hunington beach Blvd. Wahoos is about 100 ft down on the right. Paraking is up to you. There are spots infront of the resturant, however I recomend parking in the structure a block over:

Meet, hang chat for a few minutes, then walk over to the resturant. Bring some money for food. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to PM me.

If you are able to make it, please add your name to the list. These have been very popular in the past and I hope to see some old familiar faces. :cool: As always, everybody is welcome. Even if they dont own an S10 :tup: Come, chat, eat, meet, and drink.

#1. Onimun (Dave)
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Sorry Vas.

Good list here, lets keep the names coming.
Epic. Bump for more attendees.
Yeah, we may need to resched if the fires get bad.
i doubt the beach will be on fire:p
Yeah, but our members might :haha: .

Fine. Still on :tup:
#1.Onimun (Dave)
#2 postal (steve ), nice a meet in my home town!
#3 biggsdime (luis)
#4 atothep (austin)
#5 Dropped'01 (Pat)
#6 DigitalSoCal (Jonny)
#7 Dawgnutz (James, work schedule permitting):cool:
#8 96Blazer (Steve, lyfstyl permitting)
#9xspidermikex (mike) +some *** in a bagged s10
#10 Smilodon (Eric)
#11 stuntgirl (me)

Queer Members attending
#1 Kevincolin
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NO problemo. I have the offical approval. I will be there. :tup:

Looking forward to it!!!
hey all, i know this in not the classified section but....... i have a set of sony 6 1/2's and a set of sony 4x6's. $45 for all 4. let me know if any one is interested and i'll bring them along on sunday!
Are the 4X6's flat? wil they fit in a stock dash?
oh **** its on sunday??? i thought it was today lol... hey i might just make it after all lol
Sunday Sunday Sunday! :tup:
Thay sure are and they sure will, they came out of my 97 when i upgraded!
And the Speakers are Sony's? How much you want for them?

You want to meet up somewhere before the meet and cruise down since you are in Ventura?
Yeah I only need 4X6's for the Dash. I can do $20.

Which route are you taking down there? 101 -405?
Ah ok, well Ill just meet ya there then.
No problem Pat, there will be others.
Meet was good. I had a great time meeting all of you :tup:

Ill post more info and pics later.
It was a great Meet. I was kinda bummed that so many people backed out at the last minute however I had a great time meeting the lot of you. I forgot the Camera at home so we must resort to Iphone pics.

Ill be making another meet thread here in a few weeks. I need some creative way to bump turnout. Maybe scantily clad women or free beer or something.

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Who's truck was this? Looks good really low.
Steve / Postal :tup: It was pretty damn clean.
When is the next truck Jam? Maybe we can have a meet out there?
I don't think many attend that overpriced show anymore.

We have valued members sleeping through our meets. Need a way to bump attendence.
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