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So. Cal - 2 sets of black steelies 15" fs/ft

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I have 2 sets of black steel wheels for sale/trade. They are 15". I'm not sure what brand these are, but the wheels with the red/blue stripe I believe have a backspacing of 4" and the all black have a 3.75" bs.

In the quest to fix a vibration in the rear of my truck, I went through these 2 sets of wheels thinking I had a bent wheel, but it turned out to be a bent axle shaft, so now i have these to sell.

I will accept a trade for a set of axle shafts from a 98-03 2wd blazer with disc brakes as long as they are not bent. We each pay our own shipping, straight across trade.

Looking for $80 each set ($20 per wheel). I have 2 sets of center caps too. The wheels have a little bit of paint chipping on the lip from where wheel weights were, but are in overall good condition, but are dirty from being outside. The center caps are OK, but some have a couple dings in them. I prefer local sales, but will ship.

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Na not the arts's, my stock ones broke. Those art arms are going on much sooner than I wanted now tho lol-I want to sell the 20"s off my truck to fund more parts, I never liked em. Might need some interim wheels
Oh well. I'll just leave it parked til I get the new wheels, and do the front end swap. Thanks anyway
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