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hello all i finally got my motor all finished drove it all of about 120 miles now and the thing is smoking every time i pull up to a light and take off
seems ok while driving did a compression check and i am between 130 and 140 psi so within ten on all was just wondering if with that high of compression if i could toss on some reman heads thust getting rid of my smoking prob since i think it just bad vale guids and would like the vortec heads instead anyway since they the norm 4.3 heads but dont wana end up blowing out the bottom end
this is the same motor i was told purchasing it that it was rebuilt 18k ago
im feeling like the lower end was rebuilt and they did nothing with the heads
can anyone help this conversion has now pretty much straped me so the truck about to just get parked for a few months it is my daily driver i use it for work every day if anyone has a set of vortec heads with around 18k on em id love to give that a try first before i yank the motor back out anyhow if anyone has a set pls reply with what you would want for them
im in Hurricane Utah so the closer the better as shipping would be less

thx everyone

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