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small journal 2.8 to large journal

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I understand the early 2.8 engins like in my 85 had small journals and had a tendency to break like mine did. Later engines I think starting in 87 or 88 had large journals and this problem was corrected. I still have the block of the original 2.8 can it be converted to a large journal? I could keep my mechanical fuel pump then as 3.4 does not have a place for a mechanical pump.
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Be easier and a lot less expensive to install a newer block and a simple external electric low pressure fuel pump. They can be had for as little as $10. Not saying I'd use that one. Brand names run $50-75.
The difference in main journal size is 0.153543". Having your block line bored that much won't be cheap. Plus you'll need a new $300 crankshaft. More money than most 85 S10's are worth. There could be an with rods unless they remained the same size. Not sure how timing chain would work. Or which one you'd use. Gonna get expensive real quick
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