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slow,4.3 to 5.7 goodwrench 4 bolt tbi

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this will be slow but figured id srat it to maybe get some help on stuff i dont no..
im a welder fab all my life and done some crazy swaps when i was young,but first time messing with tbi..but hardcore chevy guy all my life.
have a 94s10 4.3 tbi with 205.000 miles,runs great after tbi mods and toying with it..im hgetting 22 mpg running a/c in hot fla..but feel the need for speed.

picked up a 95 tbi 5.7 from a yukon 2 months ago that neede rebuilt..it was naturally clean so figured this would be a good engine with good crank to start rebuilding for the swap.
it was complete with alt,all brackets and a new edledbrock tbi intake and tbi.
i was wrong,,upon opening it up,it was gunked up real bad.
no biggie im rebuilding it.
got the crank out and every rod and main looked like they never changed the oil,so got depressed as i was going cheap and hoping it didnt need a crank but life goes that way most the time.
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so i put it aside on a stand and last week got another motor to mess with.
its a 86-88 gm goodwrench replacment short block"originally"
made in usa :D has filnt michigan plant code and is a vette/truck 4 bolt main that also came in 2 bolt versions..drove 7 hrs to merrit island to get it..

it was smoking from bad vale seals 7 yrs ago and the po stopped using it imeadiatly and got a new engine not knowing about engines.
he sent it to his good friend at machine shop that told him he would make the engine a sweet torquer motor for him and do it right..
i had my doubts as thats my luck..dont meet men of there word like myself very often..

i could tell the engine was new in the pan so made a trade deal for a savage 110 new in box with nikon scope,,i had 350 in gun and scope so not to bad a trade.
next couple days i started checking numbers and part that he told me it had..heres the low down dirty shame:D after i eat a kwik lunch:D
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the guy at machine shop said the cross hatch pattern was still seen in the piston bore and he rebuilt it with the parts it has now.
i have confermed all the parts have matched up to what the guy told me thankfully..
350 4 bolt from 86-88 14088528 casting
crank is 14088526 cast,nodular iron gm crank,,summit sells them for 435.00
w/1 piece rear main seal.
trw pistons,when i look up #s it says sealed power or power pro "hypethuitic" "spelled wrong"flat top with 4 valve relief stock bore of 4 inch.
chromoly rings.
cloyes true double roller chain gear set.
melling hv oil pump
melling lifters iirc
and here specs on the cam.
Melling MTC-1 Chevy 305 327 350 RV Torque cam
Products specifications
Advertised Duration 278 int./288 exh. Advertised Exhaust Duration 288 Advertised Intake Duration 278 Basic Operating RPM Range Idle-4,500 Cam Style Hydraulic flat tappet Computer-Controlled Compatible No Duration at 050 inch Lift 204 int./214 exh. Exhaust Duration at 050 inch Lift 214 Exhaust Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio 0.433 in. Intake Duration at 050 inch Lift 204 Intake Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio 0.420 in. Lobe Separation (degrees) 112 Quantity Sold individually. Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio 0.420 int./0.433 exh. Valve Springs Required
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so heres some pics of inside the engine.
theres a cheap degreee wheel on the crank in pics above,so i assume this cam has 3 keyways..i will assume the guy that built it put it where it needs to be also.
as,everything looks so good i dont wanna tear it all down to check his work..but,i will re check all the torque on the mains and rods,if there all correct im leaving it buttoned up and gonna seal the pan and start on the top end.
sound good to you guy?
i have a very very hard time trusting another man with bearing clearances as im a total perfectionist ,least im told that many times a week aboput silling things lol..but i will grab a dirty spoon from the sink and wipe off with tshirt to eat,so my perfectionism isnt so perfect,haha

i wouldnt want more than .002-.0025 clearnace but from the way everything looks i pray it will be fine,time will tell.
INSIDE THE ENGINE, i can tell the entire assy has been balance:D
makes me feel good,i can tell every rod cap has been balanced and think i see on the rods they were balanced,and from what i always learned in the 80,s thats the correct way to balance them,,seperatly.

the pistons have the weight on every piston also so again,i assume,i will be fine with this engine..heres more pics of pistons
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since i have the 300.00 tbi intake and the cam seems fine for me as we drive around to car shows and swap meets every week i dont wanna suck too much more gas,even tho it will:D
i also feel id want to go with 060 vortec heads?
i hate to get a new intake and read somewhere on how to modify my intake to work?
remember im an aluminum fab guy so i can weld up extra holes at home in the welding shop.
but,i hate the thought of only 4 bolts per side verses 6,,seems like that was a bad idea too me but everyone says there the best stock heads and i can find some very reasonably priced at swap meet.

so,keeping tbi for now so everything inside works is the plan,,trying to go cheap as poss from here on out but im not that cheap,if i need it,i will get it sooner or later.

SO anything you guys can suggest will be awesome.
i have a new weiland spreadbore intake also but read the 2 barrel intake with a 2 barrel to tbi adapter is the way to go as it gives better flow..
i have tbi heads but there crap ive read.
i also read on here a guy that has the exact same cam and setup i have with tbi and runs great and he loves it..thread was old so didnt wanna post there i guess..
can i modify the edelbrock tbi intake to work or better to get the cheaper 2 barrel vortec intake and an adapter? thanks for any help!

someday i may go carb and a radical cam and dump the tbi but have to see for myself first before jumping to conclusions..
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Great to hear the engine checked out. I've got a block with certain unknowns as well. So far it's all checked out, though I haven't pulled the oil pan yet. It feels a whole lot better to tear in and not find a bunch of gunk everywhere, doesn't it?

I just did some reading on rod balancing, because I wasn't familiar with it, having never been educated on engine building. After reading I now share your excitement. http://www.angelfire.com/ca4/CorvAIRCRAFT/RodBalance.html

Are you still planning to do TBI with this new block?
yes thats the plan..i read someone on this forum did the same cam and about everything i wanna do but cant find it again.
i have only built 6-7 engines in my life but im pretty meticulas and always turned out great motors..wiring is my weakness but not afraid to dig and and get it done with a computer on hand and forums lol.
balancing and buttoning up the lower engine correct just takes time and detail to torque,and i spend time on perfect ring gap and all bearing tolerances when building one,,kinda almost to picky really.. so im hopeing the builder was as good as the guy said..all looks good for now.
if i can help with anything please ask for sure! as i would you!
i will check out your links in your sig now,,fixin to pour down rain here thankfully..i love dreery black stormy days here in the sand pile of fla..heres the temp in the sun last fri.
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Looking great, ill be watching the build.
So I have a almost new weiland 8004 spreadbore intake, but want some votec heads...found out the the intake will need macined to match the vortec mateing surface angle.
wonder if ishould just get a vortec manifold for a carb and run an adapter..?.
I read it works better for tbi.
Any sugggestions? I also read L98 alum vette heads will work with the intake and adapter without being maaachined..
anyone no anybody running this set up?
seems cheapest but if vortec heads are that much better thenthe alum ones I prob will go vortec..I hate doing things over and over lol.
never in my life used alum heads and afraid heT will kill them prematurly but dont really no.
ive worked with alum extrustion all my liffe is why I never used alum heads:rotf:
Steel has many advantages, it just rust faster in myline of ornamental irron work so thats why I use alum in my welding buisnesz mostly:D
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Vortec heads all the way. I would not waste my money rebuilding TBI heads. Get a 4 barrel intake for the vortec heads w/ the TBI adapter plate. Built several that way. They run fine. Probably should be able to find a deal on a used intake on Craigslist or a local swap meet if you are inclined.

The L98 heads are outdated. Ran them 10+ years ago. Just sold my last set a weekend or two to a local guy.

8 intake bolts is not a problem. GM has been using that setup for years and what millions or cars and trucks now. That being said use the updated intake gaskets. And I always TORQUE them w/ an INCH POUND torque wrench to spec.
Thanks..any thoughts? I read a 2 barrel vortec intake with 4 barrel adapter gave better flow than 4 barrel intake..think it was hotrod or superchevy where i read it last week?
I have never tried a 2 barrel intake w/ an adapter. So I do not feel comfortable commenting.

I can see the theory behind it but without any real world experience or experimenting I would not offer an opinion.
Thanks 4 being honest..maybe I will make a few calls and ask what the manufacturer thinks of tthis...
def gonna be vortec heads..im used to old school heads so I sure I I'm will no the diff real fast.j9
my plans are on hold..i just got a good running complete 99 express van.the vortec 5.7 will get new mains and rods this yr,and good hand fit rings and a lil better roller cam.
changed plans again..too much water in vortec roller motor so has to be hot tanked..going ahead and rebuilding vortec heads with new seals and hand lapping valves in myself,,with new beehive springs"i think"
trying to decide if i should go ahead and drill and tap for screw in studs,,can do myself..and machine spring seats down myself? i prob already have the tools as i have a lathe with milling attachments and a bunck of cutters i havent used yet..have to learn more first:rolleyes:
anyone reading this no if i can use the 87 4 bolt main built and balanced engine i have,with newer vortec heads,and the 99 vortec intake together..want to install in newer blazer and use the wiring harness from vortec v6 and add the 3 wires for injectors and oxy sensor
it has a rv cam..id think long as useing the vortec heads and intake on the 87 4 bolt main thats already built it should run fine and be ok..anyone no for sure ??

heres my new toys i been workin on in soare time.
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