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AS some of you might be aware of this, that Slam Specialties is adding 2 new series to the lineup as well as introducing new prices in January 2013. The new series will be based off the SS series with its composite end-caps, one will be the SS-C series and will feature 1/4'' or 3/8'' ports. The other will be the SS-F and feature 1/4'' or 3/8'' PTC fittings installed. The SS series will remain the same at 1/2'' ports with same composite end-caps along with the other series bags slam offers such as RE, HE series.

The new pricing structure will be as follows,these prices are in effect from January 1st 2013, we have updated all pricing on our website as of today.

SS-C- Series Bags with 1/4" & 3/8" Ports

SS-C-5 $85
SS-C-6 $90
SS-C-7 $100
SS-C-8 $110

SS-F Series with 1/4" & 3/8" Fittings integrated on end-caps

SS-F-5 $105
SS-F-6 $110
SS-F-7 $115
SS-F-8 $125

Regular SS Series with 1/2" Port (Composite plates)

SS-5 $95
SS-6 $99
SS-7 $105
SS-8 $115

RE Series Bags with 1/2" Ports and Aluminum end-caps

RE-5 $99
RE-6 $105
RE-7 $109

RE-8 $115

HE Series Bags

HE-6 $120
HE-7 $135
HE-8 $145

XS Series Bags

XS-6 $169
XS-7 $179

Slam Specialties increased these prices due to higher cost on raw materials.

There will be an increase on some of Viair Dual packs and single compressors on February 15th 2013. We will post these updates in 2nd week of January.

The Dave Inc.
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hmmm idk how i missed this...so basically smaller port SS bags and they 'professionally install' a PTC in some of them. not bad...may look into some 3/8" SS down the line.

Proud Canadian
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Damnit should a bought some when I was looking at them earlier.. Just a thought though, isn't the re series intended to be the 'budget' model compared to the ss series? Or am I incorrect?
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