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siknic aug 24-25

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who all will be going to this??
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<--- Raises hand

If I can take enough time off of work, I may even have my truck back together for the cruise in.
this saturdays cruise in gulfport?

and i jus reserved my motorhome spot so i will be there and my truck will be
Don't know anything about a Gulfport cruise. I just meant I may be able to take my truck to the show (not "in" the show). In going to a show, it just seem more fitting that I'd drive my truck instead of us taking the wife's Highlander. I gotta tighten up a few things and get the bed back on, though.
ah lol gotcha yea bunch of minis semi local to gulfport do a cruise in at DQ once a month
Ill more than likely be there, not sure if im putting my truck in the show though..
meh i might go, its about a 10 minute interstate ride for me. Last time i went i wasnt too terribly impressed.
We're mainly going because it's a local show and we're taking the neighbor's kid. He recently turned 7 and his interests went from Cars (the movie) to The Fast and the Furious. So, my wife and I decided it would be a cool way to introduce him to "real" cars/trucks and steer him away from the exaggerated rice in the movies. I've taken him for a couple donut rides in my truck in an attempt to show him that RWD+torque (what little I have) is way better than FWD+buzzing+gaudy stickers+"NOS"+neon lights+special effects...
heading out there now , anyone else going ?
We backed out 'cuz of the rain. Went to a Mexican restaurant and had a few too many margaritas, so we definitely couldn't make it even after the rain. Spent a butt load at Lowe's for my damned cat, though.
i was there saturday hanging out with the Acrophobia trucks
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