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Showfest Tunica MS May17-19th

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anyone going to this?
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I have my hotel room and its nonrefundable, so come hell or high water I will be going......granted the high water might pose a challenge. Not showing a truck, just going to check it out.
Im going. My goal was to take my truck, but its not going to happen.
hope to meet a few of you, im stayin at the best western only one i could find with a room still lol, my hopty will be there
very nice crew cab at that
I'll be there, finally found a friend with an open room at sams town so I cancelled mine down the st. I'll be there thur-sun in the red fullsize.
I'm going. Not with any of my trucks.
wished i was stayin at sams town
Well, I'm packing right now.
Well, I'm packing right now.
Me too! Ready for a LONG road trip tomrorow.
Chomping at the bit.......
I was only there saturday but I had a blast. Definitely goin back next year. Probly not gonna enter the truck again tho lol

Tyfer is this your truck?
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Any that went see a green crew cab dually on air. Everything shaved with a white interior, IIRC.

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F350? Only green dually I remember. Lol

This. It wont let me paste in my last post for some reason
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Probly not gonna enter the truck again tho lol
Thought that looked like your truck but wasn't sure. It was cool to see several of the trucks from here.
It was a badass show. It didnt seem like there was as many rides there this year, as there was last year.
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