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Hey i just thougt i would post a new pic of my 1997 S-10, new stuff since the last pics include

*shaved tailgate
*Shaved front bumper
*step shaver kit
*phantom grille
*ss front valance
*New 17" wheels by Elite
*Some interior pics
*Tweed Dash
*Vinyl and tweed seats
*stitched arm rests in vinyl
*new sun visors
*AC controls located into the glove box so i can fit my monitor in the dash
*Color Matched Carped By ACC.

I think thats it probably more, but i am forgetting some, just got my spindles in the mail and my 6inch notch, gonna get that installed before May 5 (first show of the season around here) i will try to post some pics after that, if you have any comments let me know, ive only owned the truck for like 8 months and i think i have made good progress, oh yea i am runnin a PS2 witha 6.5 inch screen and kicker square 10's with a Cadence Amp and components all around. let me know what you think.

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