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Seats... again

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I'm starting to think about bucket seats for my 2002 S10 pickup, w/std cab, 2wd.
Most of the suggestions I see usually involve removing the stock lower frames and bolting something (ie. Cavalier) to them, to make an easy install.

Well, I sold the seat (bench) from mine so what are some suggestions when you have nothing to start with?

Preferably not a major production, and... please don't tell me to buy some stock ones and pull the lower frames off 馃槖

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Easy...Bravada leather buckets should bolt right. You'll probably have to drill/tap holes for the inside bolts.
the easiest, is go get the sliders from stock seats from a junk yard. or ebay? But that is the best and easiest way.
Bucket seats out of another s series as mentioned. Easiest.

However if u want some nicer seats, It鈥檒l take alil extra work. Integra seats are nice, personally I hated sitting in cavalier seats.

Depends on how much effort u wana commit, if u were close I鈥檇 sell u my complete bucket seats lol I already have a bench ready to go in
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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