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Save the Whales

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You know, endangered species and shiz...
After I wrecked my '94 S10, I had an itch to get something different, so I bought a station wagon. After searching coast to coast, scouring internet classifieds, I finally found one of the most rare wagons built of the 91-96 generation. A 1992 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser with the LO5 350 TBI engine and the towing package. It's a pretty well optioned car, power everything, factory remote keyless entry, rear defrost, Cassette deck with equalizer. It came with a set of stock wheel covers, but this one sits on 9C1 steelies and 235/75 R15 tires.

Anyhow, enough of my babbling, here's some pics:

Oh, its got a Sungate windshield too.

Wheelcovers and an extra airbag

Dashboard, it also has the compass in the mirror.

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Don't forget the Vista Roof!

So cool! Blue interior FTW!!!
Clean the f**k out of the interior, fix little things that are wrong, like the antenna and mirrors. Maybe a set of Bonnies later on, get a hitch for it, later on a engine swap maybe, big mirror swap is a maybe.
I was hoping for whale tails...

Cool ride dood.

Its insured at least, roughly the same as I had for 1 vehicle when I was 23 for full coverage on 2 at 24. Still have to get it imported to Ohio, gonna set an appointment with a dealer service department that used to sell Oldsmobiles so I can get an Ohio title an real plates, looking at getting THIS for my tags since its a cause I firmly support, Never Forgotten.
Damn. Would love to find a clean example of one of these. All the b-body wagons around here have been dropped into the welfare hoopty bracket and usuall have 80 pounds of dirty diapers in the floor boards and mangled exteriors.
haha nice thread name, they really are whales.

my friend bought a bagged gold caprice wagon years ago and I used to call it goldie the whale. I gave him endless columns of shit about it, I would send him texts like "that thing is so gold and ugly I wouldnt know whether to scrap it or hammer it into 30 tubas" He listed it on craigslist and I would email him "I would love to buy the car but I cant afford the 3000 gallon saltwater tank and all the fish sticks to feed it"

good times. jer, if you read this, sorry man.

I like the vista roof on this one!
I was hoping for whale tails...

Cool ride dood.
Whale tales, Uh If the Wagon's a Rockin...

Damn. Would love to find a clean example of one of these. All the b-body wagons around here have been dropped into the welfare hoopty bracket and usuall have 80 pounds of dirty diapers in the floor boards and mangled exteriors.
Now that's a damn shame, nice ones can be had if you look. I actually got this one from Alamosa, Colorado, which made for the inside being pretty dusty.

I've driven it a little, it doesn't feel like a whale, smooth yet firm ride from the HD suspension and air leveling in the rear. 350 TBI and 3.23 gears make for decent acceleration and its dead smooth at quick passing speeds. Monday, I'm finally gonna get a chance to get it inspected and an Ohio title for it. Until winter is officially over and all the salt is off of the roads, its not going to be driven unless it needs to be driven.
Earlier this week I noticed that the speedometer reads fast by 8PMH, according to the calculations I have done, it could have 3.73s in it or the wrong VSS.

Waiting on warmer weather before I get underneath and take a look.
Thar she blows!

It didn't want to start today, electricity was full, one click from down at the starter and it didn't even turn over. Only a 5 mile tow, driver was efficient as fcuk with the load and unload.

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I love B-body cars, I've owned several. I have a 1992 Buick Roadmaster now! They ride great, and for the most part are cheap to maintain!
I love mine, but I'm irritated with it right now. I want to throat punch the person who designed the exhaust system right now.
Those tires are taller than stock too which will add to the speedometer discrepancy. What's up with the exhaust? I think mine had like two mufflers and a resonator on it. You couldn't tell when the thing was running. :haha:
Yeah most wagons came with 215/75/15's optional was 225/75's. That's over an inch taller. I'm running 255/50/17's on Impala SS stockers. Next I want 20" Ridler 695's with a Kore3 big brake kit! Oh and an LS swap, then I'll be done I think.....
With the 235/75-R15s its a taller tire so my speedometer should read like 62 when I'm going 65 not read 70 when I'm going 62. They do fill up the wheel wells nicely.

The exhaust has the Y pipe with the crossover from the left bank coming in front of the oil pan and the right bank comes down into it. I'll get a pic, the Y-pipe needs to come out for the starter to drop. No duals on this car, air compressor is where the left muffler would go, they moved the compressor to between the front bumper and core support when they switched to the LT-1 and dual exhaust. Honestly, I'm thinking about building a 455 Olds for this backed by a 4L80 and a good dual exhaust with cutouts.
I saw one of these slammed on its nuts with wood paneling and corvette saw blades about a year or two ago. It was badass
No, it would be +3 mph or so if the speedo shows 65.
those are some big balloons! I bet it rides nice.

this is the gearing calculator I use when I am not sure of gears.


make sure you hit "calculate" after changing things. the 4l60 in your olds should be a .69 overdrive so change that and select fifth gear in the calc (or enter it for fourth gear and select fourth if you are a stickler for technical accuracy).

just plugging it in with a 3.23 rear and a 3.73 rear it looks like you are right on the discrepancy, a 3.73 rear will indicate ~70mph at 1850rpm when you are actually traveling ~62mph
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