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Saturday June 6th BBQ Picnic Fishing bikini & wet t-shirt contest

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I will be providing the following items:
Teriyaki burgers
Hot links
Sausage and/or hotdogs
Bread & condiments for above items
Baked beans
Garlic bread
Corn on the cob
Bottled water
Flavored sugar water aka juice for children
Some type of green leafy substance to eat, not smoke.
Paper plates, plastic utensils.
Rich will make his Guam special beef strips and also the chicken keleguin this time with no peppers for you sissies.
I have a couple jars of that :flame::nuts: sauce that goes with the meat.
You alcoholics should bring your own beverages to avoid withdrawal symptoms.
If you have access to mushrooms or LSD, that would be most welcome.
You need to bring your own fishing gear and bait.
Vegetarians are on their own.
Please reply with the stuff you are bringing and suggestions.
We will need munchies/appetizers. If you have half a bag of charcoal laying around, please bring it.

After the picnic, there is a party at my house. This time I will supply 108 beers, Costco size bottles of Jack Daniels, Rum, Vodka, and 3 bottles of Patron. I have hired three 300lb Samoans to make sure nobody leaves until all the alcohol is consumed. And guys, these ladies will be working so don't offer them any booze or try to pick up on them.

Also I'm betting $20 Theresa starts smoking again.
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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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