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s10studduts01s' LATEST project

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Kinda thought about putting this in the member's project section but I don't think that they would appreciate it as much as you guys. The first few posts will just be to catch you guys up to speed on the things I have piddled with to figure out exactly how I want to attack the swap this time around.

This is a thread on the 5.3 swap im doing for my 97 stepside s10 that I use to have a smallblock 350 in a few years ago until the drive shaft decided to go bye bye while I was going down the interstate. Needless to say a bunch of stuff got messed up so I pulled everything out and sold what was salvageable as far as the drivetrain goes. which was just the motor.

Here it is with the old v8 in it. So you get an idea of what were looking at.

Here is me at a local u-pull-it getting the 5.3/4l60e out. I only paid $419.97 for the motor, transmission, torque converter, wiring harness and all the truck accessories. Which is pretty good if you ask me. Its nasty but Ill clean it up and replace the seals and gaskets before I finally install it. I just want to get as much mocked up as possible.

A Superior radiator is what I decided to cool this motor with because I decided to run one of the 2010 camaro water pumps and the outlet is on the drivers side so the traditional radiator works great.
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This is a copy/paste of a small write up I did in another thread about this new camaro water pump. So some of the things I mention in here I ended up changing when it was all said and done. So be sure to read all the way through it.

Alright this about the 5th gen Camaro water pump I was talking about earlier, I took a good number of pictures to help show before, during, and after. Here we go...

Here is what it all looks like stock with stock truck intake.

This is the water pump in question which is from the 5th gen Camaros part number is 19207665.

Lucky for you guys I have a ls1 intake laying around so it will be easy for you guys to tell if this is going to work. and the whole reason you have to move the idler pulley is because of this.

I scribed some lines on the bracket to give me a guide to cut with my angle grinder with a cut off wheel.

Some of the cuts that needed to be made since I only have a 4.5" grinder at home.

Had to cut sections out like I said because it wouldn't cut all the way down

I cut off a little bit more than you guys might have too but this was my first time so I didn't know exactly where they needed to be

here is what it looks like with the ls1 intake and the throttle body on it

Seems to line up pretty good with the crank and power steering pulley to me...Now to see if the water neck will rub on the belt where it goes to the alternator


I had to steal the belt off my other truck with a 2.2 to get pics so this isn't the belt ill be using. I'll probably be going with the one dirtydingo sells [IMG]http://www.dirtydingo.com/store/index.php I just didn't want to buy one if this water pump wasn't going to work. Also I didn't take a pic but the tensioner pulley for the truck water pump will not work for this water pump. So ill have to get back to you guys on which one will actually work. Hopefully I can find one for pretty cheap.

here is how the dirtydingo relocation bracket routes the belt.

I hope this helps people out in the future that might be running a traditional radiator with the outlet on the top drivers side. I believe that a 09+ corvette radiator hose will work for that and is a solid one piece hose. For some reason the Camaro one is split in two so it can branch off to something else. Ill be sure to post up my findings about the hoses in here in about a week or two. I just wanted to make sure the water pump fit first before I bought anything else. Enjoy guys and I hope this helps you make a decision on what water pump you will want to use with truck accessories.
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Alright well I guess its about time to start wrapping this thing up...

Here are some pictures of the truck tensioner and the 4th gen camaro tensioner. As you can see neither one would work because they spacer the tensioner pulley out too far. So you MUST use the corvette tensioner.


both side by side

I got the bolt and washers I needed to relocate the idler pulley from Fastenal you may not have one around you so I gave all the dimensions so you will be able to find a close match.
The parts list consisted of:
(1) M10 x1.5 pitch 160mm long bolt part# 38674
(8) M10 30mm fender washers 2.5mm thick for a total spacing of 20mm w/ 8 washers part# 38405

For the belt I tried two different combinations to eliminate some of the guess work for you guys. Both were using the truck tensioner pulley on a corvette tensioner but I tried two different sized idler pulleys. The part numbers for the belts in the picture below are for Advance Auto which is my preferred parts store.

Somebody mentioned on another forum were a guy used a 102.5" (2605mm) belt and a corvette idler pulley so I tried it out.
Here is the difference in size

So the belt slides on but pay attention to the tensioner marks NOT GOOD!

So I did my own version using the truck idler pulley and a 103" belt. The tensioner mark is just barely between the two but it still has enough room to move and not be maxed out.

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For the radiator hoses I used the following and you can get a good idea of what I needed to trim off of the original shape of the hoses to make them work with my superior radiator which required a little trimming to make it fit inside the 2nd gen core support despite what Superior Radiator tells you before you purchase it

(Upper Hose) 88-91 Buick Lesabre upper radiator hose E71375 at advance auto same as NAPA's 8379

(Lower Hose) 94-95 For mustang 5.0 upper radiator hose D71772 at advance auto same as NAPA's 8817

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Here is where im at right now...

Because of a wreck I had back in 06 in the truck the frame was bent and even though I paid to have it straightened they never did get it exactly right and the driver's side wheel was cambered in and the fender wouldn't line up with the cab right.

So I bought this frame this past Friday from a 03 zq8 s10 (that they got through cash for clunkers) and brought it to work to notch for the a/c and get it blasted before it gets repainted.

just got done taking it outside and pressure washing the oil and dirt off before I run it through the HUGE blaster we have at work. Ill have to get pics of the ac notch for you guys.
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Keep it up man!!! I was going to use the LS3 pump in my early plans with the build then changed my mind because of hose routing and going with CPWs setup...(except mine was a vette spaced pump)
As you can see the hose routing is not an issue. They are actually the same hoses that CPW suggest for his radiators with the car water pump. Granted ill have to do a lot more work in order to figure out what ac condenser to use and what not. So in the end Ill probably spend about the same as most people would with going with his setup. I just wanted to reuse the fans I already had from the last v8 I had in it.

As far as teh frame goes. Right now im waiting to figure out what I need to do about the frame. The OC manager at work who is in charge of ordering the paint we use suggested that I go with an epoxy paint since it wont be in direct sun light. Either that or he said he is going to call the guy we get to powder coat things sometimes and see what he would charge for that since he said a 1/2 gal of the epoxy paint is around $70 bucks. So I have to wait to blast the frame until I can figure out exactly what route I am going.
do u think the 4.3l s10 and blazer condenser will work??? cause i purchased the superior rad too and i was hoping that i could get it to work with the condenser... great write up with the waterpump and hoses btw
I haven't gotten that far on the condenser yet. I've heard that superior said it is possible to use it...BUT they also told me that the core support wouldn't need to be modified in order for it to fit before I purchased it and that was not the case. I just haven't figured out how I would mount it yet. Still running some ideas through my head. So be sure to keep an eye out ill try to get good pictures of whatever I end up doing so others can see and possibly try to improve on the design
also.... how did u mount the rad??? with bolts.... cause i would think we would need to some rubber under the rad so it wont vibrate and crack the welds... and i guess the tabs are there to screw into the core support....
Damn 2 lsx projects....wish I can get on mine soon. Looks like a good start
also.... how did u mount the rad??? with bolts.... cause i would think we would need to some rubber under the rad so it wont vibrate and crack the welds... and i guess the tabs are there to screw into the core support....
I was thinking the same thing about the rubber. Its a tight fit inside the radiator support. I had to grind down that hump on the bottom. I mostly just modified what I needed to in order to get it somewhat in there so that I could figure out the radiator hose situation.

I'm still trying to find a good solution to mounting and I don't want to start drilling holes for the radiator mounts and end up having to move something because of the condenser.

Im not sure what the bottom tabs are for but the top tab is too tal for the cor support so it will have to be trimmed off.
Well I guess im going with epoxy paint. I got the quote today for getting the frame powder coated and they said it would be over $300. I was like im good! lol
A guy a few miles away put these up for sale right before I went to bed Sunday night and I picked them up Monday at lunch time. $500 for 5 rims 6 chrome center caps and 4 decent tires. I thought they were a pretty good deal and I need 16" wheels or larger for my LS1 camaro brakes on all four corners. I think these will give it a somewhat sleeper look and with a drag radial on the back I think they will work pretty decent.
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Heres a few of the other suspension stuff im upgrading.
Speedway tubular upper control arms and ProForged tall upper and lower ball joints

Moog 5606 coil springs.

I also am replacing all the steering linkage with TRW components from advance. Its just that some of it is outside and they aren't anything special so I didn't take a picture of them
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shit if i recall correctly, my buddy got a quote from a local PC'er and he said they wanted 1100 to do his 91 xcab frame! 300 is not a bad deal IMO.
The powder coating guy is close friends with our QC manager so he cut him/me a deal but its still twice as much as I paid for the frame lol. This Epoxy paint is good stuff though. They use it all the time at work and its HARD. It doesn't chip or scratch and as long as you keep it out of direct sun light it will stay there forever.
Thanks man, Im trying to get this thing done before LSX shootout in Bowling Green, KY. I really want to make it this year.
subcribed, good write up on the pulley/belt. I may need that, i need to make my mind what i'm going to run yet. Nice score on the wheels/tires too!
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