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Great pics!
The whole point in the Corvette pump is that it is shorter. It's the only pump for a SBC that is.
Unless you can find an early 60's short pump and accessories, which 60 years later are rare and expensive. Only restorers can afford them. Besides they use the old V belts. I used that setup on the 454 I put in a 1st gen 20+ years ago.
On my 98 ZR2 S10, which I put a stroked version of your engine into, I had to put a Tee into one of the heater hoses so the water had flow to and from the heater. No need to cut into a radiator hose. Although it can be done that way.
Before the LS craze started everybody swapping was using the Corvette pumps. Kind of been forgotten about these days. There were many posts about how to on V8S10.com which has unfortunately passed into history.
The biggest difference as you can see in the pics above is that snout for the screw on fan is eliminated. You can not just cut the threads off because the flange for the pulley is pressed on to it.
Thank you for the pictures and informatiom. I know I am a pain in the butt and that this has been covered somewhere in the past but I just started this a year or two ago and its is diffinetly not a drop and go operation. Now with this pump do I use my exsisting clutch fan or that Tarus electrical fan? My harness from CPW came with two sets of fan wiring. The tarus has a plug that looks like the picture. This was the recommended Fan to use. Might not be the right one but what has been. LMFAO. I am assuming the black is ground and the two browns are power, maybe low and high speed shit no directions and or diagrams to indicate wiring and I know Chevy does not have aplug in like this. Your help and support are greatly appreciated and I hope to continue to draw on yours and the others in getting this thing finished. Semper Fi.
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41 - 43 of 43 Posts