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Hey folks
I have an impala 77 with a v6 4.3L 1992 on it

I using this car for daily driving and better to say i live in iran

My engine working with HEI distributer and tbi with a new ecu ( continental seimense )
I did programed this ecu with my custom map than i did edit that with winols app and for crankshaft sensor i did use one wheel on crank pulley and ....

But now i wanna change it with his factory ecm and distributer ...

In iran we have shortage these ecm's and it gets hard

But recently i found s10 4 cylinder 2.5L ecm

My question is can i use this ecm on my engine ?
If no what type ecm can i use

Tnq u so much

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Nope it's a totally different box.

Are you not able to import them from the US? They're available readily on eBay for like $90.

However there are many other GM Gen3 ECMs that can be substituted after reprogramming with TIS + tech2. I found a web page at some point that explained the compatibility (I think some Gen3 had electronic throttle, you need a manual throttle version).
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