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S10 Blazer floor shifter for column shift?

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S10 Blazer floor shifter for column shift? Will a S10 column work around the same year ?
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Not quite sure what you're asking. What do you have now, and what are you looking to do?
S10 Blazer with a for shifter and I want to convert it to a column shift
Get a column of the same year along with the cable. The floor shift cable will not work.
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As it turns out i'm going the other direction, column shift to 2 floor shift, your car is manual? I'm looking for a automatic floor shifter for a 700R. My Blazer is a 88 w/a 3.2 60degree motor...watcha got?BTW, probably anything that uses a 700R is switchable
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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