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i'm plannin on gettin my X bagged this summer. i don't know much about bags so of course i'm turnin to you guys for answers. since i have an X, i just need to lay plastic(gfx). it is my daily driver so it also has to be dependable.btw i'm gettin it bagged professionally & want full control over each corner. now for the ?'s

1)what all will i need?
2)what are the differences between manual & electric valves.
3)what setup should i use in the rear? 4 link, 3link, etc.
4)will i have to cut my bed or fenders wells since i'm only layin plastic?
5)what size tires will i need? i'm runnin 245/45/17 now but i need new tires anyway
6)about how much will it cost?
7)any recommened brands?

thats all i have for now. thanks in advance:thumbup:

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ok ill hit ya with a reply...

1)by what you described you will need 4 bags, bag mounts, 8 solenoids, switches, air line, fittings, tanks, compressors, pressure switch, maybe water sepparator..
2)differences between man and electirc is this...with manual all the lines have to be routed into the cab which can end up being quite a hassle, but with the electirc they are positioned under your chassis and you only need wires inside your cab. also electic are generally faster.
3)you can use any setup you want in the rear, it all depends on how much you want to spend. a very common thing and the cheapest of all is to mount the bags over the axle and drop the rear with monoleafs and blocks. next up is a three link, then 4 link is better. the thing that makes the 3 and 4 link better is that they eliminate wheel hop that is usually present when using leafs.
4)you shouldnt have to cut your wheel wells in the back, but up front there could be a problem if you want to lay out. also i keep hearing about a problem with the X's that the tires rub the plastic even on a 2/3 drop? i dunno about this, i dont own one. i had 205/65-15s on my truck and they rubbed hard up front. this brings me to question 5..
5)the tires i were running were 25.5 inches high, your 245/45-17s are 25.6" so yeah they will rub if you dont cut anything. otherwise maybe goind to a 40 or 35 series tire will help you out.
6)it can cost a bundle...a basic bags over blocks setup can cost 1000 without labor, and a fourlink setup with all the bells can maybe run ra 3000 it all depends on the setup.
7)firestone bags, smc or parker vlaves, everyon has their favorite brands for their own reasons..

ok thats enough lata

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