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1995 4.3 tbi, 247,000 miles. It is getting gas and spark, I had the ignition module tested at autozone and it passed. I have also changed the coil. Cranks but will not even try to start, all I can think of is timing belt or chain, not sure what it has. I saw the gas spray in the throttle body and saw the spark from the wire. Is there a way to check the timing belt without pulling a valve cover to see if the rocker arms are moving?

i saw what you did there!
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it has a chain and its super rare to be bad but its not impossible

no real way to know unless you set engine to TDC #1 CR stroke and see if rotor points at #1 tower

i had this trouble with a 4.3L in a 92 astro recently i couldnt figure out for nothing why it wouldnt start, and it was well over 200k miles

noticed was a hard spot in rotation in it and figured out that it spun a rod bearing

toasted it

so i ended up with the van for free and i stripped and scrapped it

check the distributor, see if the shaft has alot of side play in it

can be shot distributor

got that problem with a 95 tbi tahoe 5.7L out here right now

it will start and run ok with distrib bolt loose, but not tight, but still pops bucks backfires if you try to drive it, new fuel pump, new ICM, different MAP, etc,

its over 200k miles also,

distrib is shot

so check that

also check wires from coil to distrib, the pink and white ones, sometimes they fray internalyl where you cant see and lose connection,

seen it happen..
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