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S-10 Fuel Economy Questions 2002 Club Cab 4.3L

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I live in the high country in Colorado 8850 elevation here in a small community. My truck is only getting 12.3 miles per gallon on the average. I get less than 200 miles out of a tank of gas. My truck was bought used a year ago. Have 157k mileage. ANYONE know of cheap way to increase my mileage. My daily drive habit consists of a five mile daily trip to take my granddaughter to her school. Very little or no highway miles, just my local store shopping trips, that about it. I will answer any questions presented to me .
Thank you,
Hank W
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Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle
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Great read. Have the same truck.
Did think the 4.3 is a bit of a pig on gas these last few months. Have been considering exhaust just for the fun factor but will include the snorkel removal and hope for the best.
try Rockauto.com
Was able to find one for less than half that cost.
1 - 2 of 104 Posts