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S-10 / Blazer Off-road bumpers and sliders for sale!!

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It has come to my attention that there are virtually no after-market off-road bumpers or sliders...or....virtually anything else for our trucks. Therefore, Blacknoma and I have been kicking around the idea of building a few if there is enough interest. As of right now, we are offering 3 options, but we are flexible with the designs.

Front bumper:

Sells for $250 plus shipping in bare metal (you paint to keep them affordable) This bumper will replace your existing front bumper on any 2nd gen S-Series truck. It will bolt on using the original mounting hardware. The bumper is constructed from a single piece of channel iron and is incredibly rugged. This bumper can be jacked on from all sides.


Sells for $250 per set plus shipping in bare metal. These sliders are built from 2x2x1/4" square tubing. Gussets are welded for strength. The sliders can either be welded or bolted onto the frame. Holes must be drilled to allow mounting via bolts, both in the sliders and the frame.

Rear Bumper:

Sells for $300 plus shipping in bare metal. This bumper is constructed from thick channel iron and 2x2x1/4" square tubing. They are extremely rugged and can be jacked on from all sides. We have built two of these bumpers. The second one was 2" lower than the one on the truck pictured above, and allowed for full use of a 31" spare tire in the original mounting position under the bed. (per customer's request) This bumper will mount in the factory location but may require some drilling on different trucks. The design we are using currently requires cutting the bottoms of the fenders for fitting. The bump stops and license plate hardware are not included in the price, but can be included for an extra $60.

Allow 2-4 weeks for manufacturing of these items as we both have jobs outside of the manufacturing business. Shipping charges will not be inflated and will vary depending on your location and the weight of the item. The rear bumper we built weighed 98 lbs and shipped to Kansas for about $50 via USPS. We are located in Brownwood, Tx and we will allow for local pick-up if you would like to avoid shipping fees.

Let me know if anyone is interested by emailing me at: [email protected]

Things to include in your email:
-Year and model of your truck / SUV. (including extended cab, long bed, number of doors, etc.)
-Any ideas or modifications to the design you may have
-Approximate location (state)
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Are you still doing this bumper ? And will it fit a Chevy s10 ?
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