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I have a 1999 S-10 with a 2.2 ltr engine with a blown head gasket.
I have removed the cylinder head and then decided to take the block out and just overhaul the whole engine.
My question is: can I assemble the engine with intake and exhaust manifolds on the stand and then slip the engine in, connect the transmission and the the motormounts OR do I need to remove the transmission and assemble it to the engine and install the engine/transmission as a single unit?
I ask because the transmission-to-engine bolt could not have been removed without removing the cylinder head.
suggestions, please.

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The bell housing bolts are removable with the head attached...

It's easiest to leave the transmission installed, and drop the engine in with as little attached to it as possible. I usually leave the exhaust manifold attached to the exhaust during removal and installation.
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