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Rusty shackles

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Looking at buyin' 2003 S10/ZR2. Rear springs have rusty shackles to the point that each side has 4 pieces 2 connected to the frame and 2 connected to the spring eye. I'm checking it out in a few days and just askin'' for opinions from those who have been here before me. I'm gonna check the integrity of the frame and spring. If those two are OK it shouldn't be a deal breaker. Just a heads up for other booby traps is what I seek. Thanks y'all.
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how much is the asking price? That will be more of a should i or shouldnt i answer
Long story short. Started $5500, the seller stated it needed a ball joint soon to be fixed. I expressed that a ball joint wasn't a deal breaker since I've rebuilt a couple front suspensions. I've been driving S10's for years and have some experience with them. I mentioned that to the seller and he said he'd drop to $4500 for someone who would do the job themselves. Well,any S10 whether 2or4wd with 174,000 on it could use a little front end work so I was cool with that since I would've been expecting to do the whole front end pretty soon as a measure of preventive maintenance anyway. Well,now this shackle situation comes into play. I'm figuring to address it properly entails not just shackles but leaf spring bushings too. Might as well since you're back there anyway. That's where lots of factors come into play. I'd be buying the parts for the truck and doing the work. Now I'm looking at buyin' front suspension rebuild parts plus shackles and bushings and turning wrenches. Now this still doesn't factor in the truck frame integrity, I still gotta go see this truck and judge for myself if it's too far gone to warrant messin' with it. The rest of the truck looks pretty good,paint decent not peeling,no dents,no missing parts. Interior looks to be OK also. Now this is by pictures only and I'm aware things can be and probably are when you see one in person. But just to put a number up I'm thinking of offering $2000 maybe $2500 at most. Gotta get it home,3hrs ,since I don't think it's drivable. U- Haul tow dolly, pay for a roll back, just take a chance drivin'it I just don't know. Really can't know until I'm there looking to judge if it's worth the $$bucks, the hassle etc. But it is 2002 ZR2. So far that's all it has going for it.
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