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Retrofiting factory keyless to 1st gen truck

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My truck is a base model 1989 gmc s15 with manual everything (locks windows and mirrors) I thought to myself that it would be nice to install a keyless lock/unlock using a factory keyfob. To do that I thought using a keyless module+harness out of a 1st gen jimmy or equivalent (obs gmt maybe , or a safari/astro) get a keyfob from eBay, and two universal door lock actuators. Hookup the corresponding lock&unlock wires from the module to the universal actuators inside the doors and reprogram the new fob to the module and hey presto!
Is my idea makes any sense 馃?
I'm adding some links for the parts I sourced that I'm thinking to use for this small project

1.oem GM keyless module

2.oem GM keyfob

3.universal door actuators
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It would be easier and cheaper to install an aftermarket keyless unit. Avital has one on amazon for under $40

You can probably still retrofit the OEM unit, you'll need to find the connector for the module, I can't seem to locate a diagram for that old of a vehicle to show what needs to be connected where, so that can be half the battle. But it should be a relatively simple system.
Sure it will be easier and quicker just grab a cheap aftermarket from Amazon. But I want to have the factory remote key , they look cool 馃槑 and the idea that I have in mind dosnt seem to me to be much more complicated once I get all the parts..
Can anyone that had messed with those factory systems shed some light on my theory ?
Here's a 1st gen Blazer wiring diagram:

As they suggest in the Blazer forum post, getting hold of an 89 S10 service manual or factory wiring diagram book might be very helpful.
$39 (might be additional shipping to Israel) 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Light Duty Truck Service Manual ST-369-88 Chevy Dealer GMC | eBay
$30 (might be additional shipping to Israel) 1989 Chevrolet S10 Factory Electrical Diagrams & Diagnosis Service Manual #G20 | eBay

If you go aftermarket because all the shipping on all the parts gets too expensive, you might want to consider going with a quality unit from a Company like Viper, rather than some Asian junk from Amazon. A lot of those independent sellers aren't much above the level of scammers.
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I agree an OEM remote would look and feel better, and I'd also agree it doesn't seem like it would be much more complicated.

I was just sharing what I learned working with aftermarket systems as I spent more time bypassing OEM systems rather than installing them. People love remote start up in northern Illinois.

But to be clear, Avital, Viper, Python, AutoStart (and even more brands) are all owned and manufactured by Directed (formerly D.E.I.)
Thanks for your input ! Really appreciate the diagram you added I will look at it later this day , I did think about aftermarket with remote start but since my truck is a manual transmition I don't want to mess with it. From what it seems the oem receiver is a really simple system. My question is: is it possible to hook the original receiver to an aftermarket door actuators such as this one Universal 2 Wire Car Motor Heavy Duty Power Slave Door Lock Actuator Firm | eBay
personally I wouldn't spend another minute on it. Go to your local stereo install shop and see what's available. If the factory looking key fob is what you are looking for, tell them that. it'll be much easier, faster, cheaper in the long run to buy one and have them install it. few hours tops. Much less time than this thread has been going for. I bet it'll be the best $125 spent.
I don't mind searching and digging for parts, that's the whole part of owning a old truck , giving the keys to a stereo shop is not a option because first they won't understand what I I talking about , they won't mess with fabricating a original keyfob with aftermarket actuators , they will only sell me a aftermarket kit wich I don't want. I do know my way around electrical schematics and wiring , the only thing that stops me as for now is to be sure that it is possible to hook the original GM RKE module/receiver to an aftermarket door actuators
Although I'm not a big fan of Dorman products they do make a new replacement for the factory door lock actuators. With a lifetime guarantee. Of course that could mean for the life of the actuator.
Rock auto has them for $21
engineered to provide the same fit and function of the original actuator
Probably work better than some generic one size fits all thingy.
Amazon has them for $16 more, each
Autozone has them for $30 more, each
Don't forget the Rockauto S10 Forum 5% discount
5% Discount Code: AD6ACF4B1F9C1A
Expires: July 7, 2021

I admit I'm a Rockauto fan, they started locally in Madison, WI in 99 and have grown to a company with $25M annual revenue. I don't own stock, but have enough fridge magnets to wallpaper a room.
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I have just stumbled another problem.. since my truck doesn't have power locks and mirrors there is no harness going from the cabin to the door.. where would the harness go in a 1st gen s10/s15 truck ? I tried to look for any signs in the door or the cabin for where the harness would have go but didn't find anything. Means that I have to drill holes through the door and the cabin to run the wires to the actuators?
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Right between the two hinges, the doors should have a small dimple where they would have been drilled for power. The manual doors from a 鈥91 pickup I put on my 鈥94 Jimmy had them, then straight across from there is where you want to drill your hole in the body. I鈥檇 get pictures but I haven鈥檛 had my truck in 2 months鈥 maybe later this week鈥 I hope.
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