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retro tens time to shine!

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welp i bought this truck when i was 18. it was the nicest thing ive ever owned til this day, except for my wife and my house, well thats still a pos but its mine, my house that is. my wife is still my property too. im 25 now married and own my own home. the truck has gone threw a few changes. it was lowered when i bought it and just perfect. ive always been into minis but never thought id be able to have a bagged truck, a few of my friends had bagged trucks and i started hanging around them more. then i got bit by the bug ordered a bunch of air ride stuff, got everything i needed and bagged it , my dad told me to take it to the scrap yard i just destroyed that truck when i cut thee frame it will never see the road again. 1 or 2 weeks later i drove 5 hours to ocean city md and back no problem (he ate his words). laying on the front inners sucked so i needed to take it to the next level. next year i ordered a set of 20 in. bonspeed huntingtons not even being able to weld myself. learned how to weld myself and said here goes nothing and ripped it apart and layed it out on the 20s. that was fun but i was helping my friends build 3/4 frames for their junk or free trucks, i hate to say it but at first i was showing them how to do it and my truck was only bagged. so i built a frame table and it just kept getting better. i also built 90 % of this truck outside on a gravel lot with a 50s onan gen for power! i dont have pics of alot of the build because i did the demo derby 2 years ago and someone left the camera rite were a thief could take it not gonna mention ne names but when you have a girl in your life you get the picture. but ill post most of what i have.
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Looking forward to the pics. I love the bonspeed huntingtons, they are a great looking wheel.
waiting. . . . . . . . .
Use photobucket.com Just paste the IMG code in the reply box and youll be good to go

Looks like youre off to a good start. What billet wheels are those?
keep in mind this is almost 3 years ago from its present state! just looking for responses for what it was hahahaha that was a sinister laugh
i wouldnt fulley weld the horns on yet. i tacked mine on a 3" first and after dropping the cab level with the bottom of the frame they were off by 5/8" which still throws me off. so i had to raise them up for the front end to line up. not sure if your just dropping you cab to the bottom of frame of actually lowering the cab mounts 3" too. just thought id throw that out there
did the bed memorial day weekend in i think start to finish was 16 hours. i did the bed in the garage were i work to get out of the sun for a bit
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