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Replacing fleetside with stepside

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Looking to replace my fleetside bed with a stepside on a 95 Sonoma.
Wondering what years of beds will work without alot of trouble?
My cab is a extended.

Thanks for any input
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All of them, only shorty stepsides were made and only shorties fit the extended cab. They're tough to find but be persistent. I've bought a couple of extras, most sell in the $250 range.

Nice to see somebody changing one to clearly make it better looking...I'm a big fan of steppers, particularly on S10's because they were the best proportioned of all of 'em. I have a crew that'll get a 17" frame stretch and a stepside bed.
I'd be hooking up a trailer and snatching up that stepper, not a bad price for what's becoming a very difficult part to find. IMHO, a slight drop with the right wheels makes a RCSB stepper one of the better looking S10's.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts