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not hard at all. i bought my seal kit from 1a auto for $110. that was inner and outer sweeps and main glass seal both sides.

first thin ya get the panel off and then hold the glas on the rear whist letting the front go down, this will un hook the glass from the sissor and allow you to take the glass out.

when you pull the old seal out, there is a metal track that you need to re-use so dont just go yankin and pullin or you will damage this track. there is one for the front of the glass and the rear, it also reqs you to take out the 2 or 3 phillips screws that hold the track in place.

after all the seals are out take the new seal and test fit it without the tracks to see how it fits. the track will need to me test fitted as well as the holes the screws go thru arent 100% tru but its no big deal.

once you see how things go together go ahead and start installing your track in the seal and work it in being careful to not bend the track. once the seal is in set the glass on a firm surface and put the new track guides on. this will req you setting something open under the hole side and lightly tapping thte side with the snap. be careful, if not done right you will break the lil pin that snaps in the hole.

after the guides are on nose the glass in and work the sissors to catch the glass. once the glass is in place except the guides, you will need to use some force to pop them in place.

ya need any help further let me know or to further explain any details.
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