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Repainting my truck!

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So I'm repainting my 1997 GMC Sonoma and I'm gonna go with the same metallic blue it's got and add coarse rainbow metallic, what's the best place to find the factory paint, pretty sure it's light stellar blue metallic? I know it already has metallic in it just adding more lol, I love the color just not sure the best place to find it or if I should take a sample and take it to a place to be made yk paint looks fine on this side but the other side well let's just say it needs new paint haha
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May I suggest you wrapping your truck. I am in the process of wrapping mine, 2002 Chevy S-10 Club Cab in Vivvid Ultra Gloss Piano Black. I am spending only about $500, you could do yours for about $400 , for the wrap attached, there is a lot out there do your research, watch you tube videos follow my forum. Let me know how I can help
Thank you,
Hank Weirauch
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Vivvid Carbon fiber blue is kind of cool .
Also check my forum thread at Vinyl Wrap an S-10. Have you done It!
Ps even did my wheels
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Yeah we will be doing the body work before paint just seeing if there's any difference between companies really seeing if ones better than the other type thing and tbh I'm not the biggest fan of wrap it's awesome but I like the depth you get with paint plus we don't have to pay anyone to paint it lol I don't know how to install wrap so
You want depth, check out the reflection in this wrap. You tube is great for this ck wraps, paradox styling, premium wraps all good thing to watch if you want to learn
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If you pay for a wrap $3000 or more. DID you like any of those two colors. I'm doing the accents on mine in black carbon fiber, examples, mirrors rocker panels, bowtie, fuel filler door, and wheels. That blue carbon fiber could be the same if you fresh painted the whole truck and accented a few pieces, even works on interior pieces, check out what I did when I took out the old cassette player when I replaced with Android.
Now phone charger 2 toned wrap.
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Material and tools for my wrap, cost me $500. Watch the videos practice first on small pieces.
Is easy and fun too
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