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Remove the interior window strip

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Recently leather seat Swapped my truck. Got some pleather material to match for the doors. I’m going to take the panels off and remove the cloth material and recover then with thin foam and the pleather that marches the seats. Been a while since door panels were off. im thinking the window strip in the door panel is stapled on? Would think I’d need to remove thst. How do you guys re attach that strip. Just a paper stapler?
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I'm in a similar boat as you. I found small (maybe 1/8" dia) rivets to hold them back together, without interfering. A good tip: drill the holes for the rivets before you cut the staples out. This way when you reassemble them, the strip goes back exactly in the same position.

I am still trying to decide how to reattach the panel after breaking the plastic rivets. I tried plastic welding, but it wasn't strong enough. I think either epoxying the panels back to the door, or creating some kind of studded features to screw them back together where the plastic rivets once were.
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