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Remove the interior window strip

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Recently leather seat Swapped my truck. Got some pleather material to match for the doors. I’m going to take the panels off and remove the cloth material and recover then with thin foam and the pleather that marches the seats. Been a while since door panels were off. im thinking the window strip in the door panel is stapled on? Would think I’d need to remove thst. How do you guys re attach that strip. Just a paper stapler?
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what size rivets do you use.
You couldn’t be more wrong in the foam condition. These leather ones are near mint all way round. 3 local shops quoted triple your suggestion of $300
Thank you to those that helped. From life reading it looks like people screw the strip back on or use rivets. Weather breaks from below zero next week probably bring the panels inside and look at recovering the material portion. I have the new material and foam and all needed supplies. This isn’t my first time working with material. Or seeing it done many times. So I’m sure it’ll turn out fine.t only real question was reattaching the inner window strip. These leather seats are near mint. Foam is perfect. Not sure how the pics made it look like the leather seat foam was broke down. Could be that some just like to tear down others projects. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Thanks for the tips.
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