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Master cylinder stays but get a smaller booster or use Hydroboost. you maybe want to move the mount over depending on the wheel and tire package but if u can body a truck, I hope u can figure that out.

clutch slave gets tossed out as part of the ls swap.

just kidding lol-most ppl just move it up alil and angle it, but there is a kit to reverse the linkage and move it under the dash.

idk on the 95 but on the newer ones you can rotate the abs out of the way. But most ppl just ditch it.

disclaimer: I’ve done Hydroboost, I’ve moved the mount over, and I’ve relocated and later ditched the abs and tee’d off the lines and added a prop valve. Never dealt with a slave cylinder but seen many others who don’t post anymore do it and those are the two most popular ways.

ps-read all the pinned threads.

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what all do i need to relocate and how do i relocate it and what are some steps to move everything out of the way and how much work to relocate everything to do a traditional body drop on the cab and shorten the bed stilts bc the bed floor is raised 9 1/2 inches already and wanted to get some info on doin some relocating and i would like to get some steps how what to do how to do it and on a 95 s10 2.2 single cab s10
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This guy couldn't even figure out how to keep his lower radiator hose from rubbing on the steering shaft. I wonder if he ever solved that mystery... lol.
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