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Ok, my REAR wiper on my 99 blazer won't turn on with the switch. Basically, the stock harness in the tgate goes into a little black relay box mounted on the wiper motor. I tried some trial and error stuff, testing the terminals coming out of the relay, no power or signal is found, but if I remove the harness and just hooked up some loose wire from teh stock harness direct to the motor harnes, it works, so that rules out the harness and the wiper motor, so the only thing it can be I would think is the relay...

ANYWAY, anyone have any of these problems? Any advice, And of you GM dealer guys hook me up with a part number/price? Or, any of you guys with shaved tgates and took your wiper off, let me know......

Hope the pics help you know what I'm talking about...

Any help is apprecaited, thank all....:confused:


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