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Rear frame crossmember

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Looking for opinions/ideas on the rear crossmember that hangs the rear tire. 2000 S10 reg cab, long bed, prepping to clean the frame down to metal to POR15 it since there are no holes in it yet, BUT this one spot. I will not be hanging a spare tire so I don’t know if I really need these. I will most likely also be installing a concealed hitch behind the roll pan.
Some of my ideas are to completely remove these two brackets.
2- remove them but fab up some 3/16“ x 1” straps to duplicate these.
3- the one side looks good, split that one in two and just install the two split halves on the back side.

Open to ideas.

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The crossmember I'm seeing in the picture appears to hold the frame rails at the correct distance apart for the leaf spring shackles. Removing it would severely weaken the frame. There is a lot of stress at that point and I think your frame rails would bend or twist if you remove it.
Clean it and paint it in place.
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Sorry, not sure how to circle the piece. I want to leave the main crossmember in place, but there are two braces riveted from the top piece to the bottom of the C-Chanel of the frame.
I made the picture bigger to show the pieces.
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The long bed must be the only model with that crossmember because neither my reg or extended cab have one where the shackles are.
Gm put them there for some reason. I suspect to reinforce the frame rails.
I suspect the bracket welded to the frame and riveted to the cross-brace on each side likely serves to inhibit twisting of each C-channel. The Draw-Tite 75051 trailer hitch I installed on my RWD 1996 Sonoma reg cab likely provides similar, if not greater, support.
But that's a foot and a half away on a long box.
Do not remove it. The thing is a gusset and should be retained.
Leave the old steel in place as that will avoid the frame moving.

Get another piece of steel and cut it similar shape making sure you retain that curved area to get to the shackle. Clean the old steel and slap your new steel against(under) the old steel. Weld the two together and you will be good for another 20 years.

Not a "correct" fix. But one that can be done with a bit of scrap(the same thickness) and basic welding skill. Paint the welded area after your done of course.
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