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- You'll need 2 new shoes for each side(4 total) and you make have to get the drum surfaces refinished if your pedal pulsates or there is heavy scoring on the inside.
- Check to make sure the wheel cylinder (the hydraulic part that pushes out on the shoes) isn't leaking. It's in the upper 3rd portion of the drum assembly.

They make a couple drum brake tools (at the local parts store) that would make the job easier but they aren't absolutly necessary. A couple pair of pliers and a screwdriver would work as well.
- One has a screwdriver handle that you push on and twist in order to remove the hold down springs on the side.
- Another is a pry bar that helps to stretch the other springs back on.
- They make a tool that allows you to adjust the shoes through the back of the drum in order to get them into position.

A couple tips...
- Only do one side at a time. At first it can be confusing on how they go back together, so always keep the other side as a reference.
- There is an adjuster at the bottom with a sprocket on it that you use to adjust the shoes in and out. While its apart, clean this up and oil so its working freely. They like to rust over time.
- The springs are very tight and sometime hard to pop back on. The brake tool or a longer lever helps out with getting the leverage to put them on.
- Getting the drums off can be difficult sometimes. You may have to adjust the shoes in, in order to get the drums to come off. This is done by using the adjuster on the back of the drum assembly at the bottom.
- If this is your first time on drums, I'd purchase a shop manual that'll walk you through it step by step and give you the right procedures for setting the shoes and parking brakes when your done.

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I have not torn in to my S10's rear brakes; but have done a few others and have found only one side has the Emergency Brake levers, etc. It may behoove you to do a quick sketch of how that all goes together.....or a picture is even better.
If the Brake Cylinders have leaked any or if they have many many miles on them; I would replace them for security sake. I advise not to rebuild them; but, rather, replace them.
Another thing to consider is that if you are going to use air to blow off brake dust; wear a mask and don't breathe in that dust.
And finally, when all is assembled you need to adjust the shoes. I usually adjust with the wheel/tire on. I adjust some and then rotate the wheel. When you can feel the brakes just starting to cause the rotation to drag a little; that ought to be good. Don't adjust them too tight or they will heat up too much.....too loose and you'll have low pedal.
s10cyncrvr has given excellent advise below......just be patient and you'll getter' done.
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