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I do not have a wire diagram for my truck. I've googled and searched this site but cannot find the info I need. I'm buttoning up the last few things on this build (for now) and would like to get this ironed out.

Currently my factory speedo does not work. It's an electronically powered analog gauge. I've got an intellitronix gps speedo sending unit that I would like to use with the factory gauge.

Is the white wire going to the gauge cluster the speedometer pulse wire that I need to utilize? If I cut that wire and send a signal from my intellitronix unit, should it work?

Is there a more sensible way to get my gauge to work?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. :)

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Its been awhile, I hope the OP has this done. The speedo wire is lt blue/ blk. It can be found at the DRAC that was attached to the original ECM. There are two white wires. One is the Tach, the other is the antilock brake diagnostic wire, which may not be used on the Sonoma GT.
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