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I have a set of 1989 S-10 4.3L TBI, NON-Vortec Heads that I will be redoing for my DAILY Driven Truck. I have a few questions on what to order...

First, This is my daily driver, I want to put stock valves back into these heads, BUT I want new of everything. I already have valve guide seals but, need to know if anyone knows the size of the STOCK Exhaust and Intake valves and which Brand, Stock #, would you guys reccomend me getting for it? I was thinking stainless steel?
Next would be the Valve Springs, which brand, Stock #, Kind should I get?
And Finially, the Rocker Arms, Should I get the stock 1.5 Ratio or up for the 1.6 Ratio? Which brand, kind, etc should I get? I have heard of people having valve cover clearence problems with the 1.6 Ratio Rockers, Is this true? Do you make valve cover spacers? I have the centerbolt plastic valve covers. I know i can buy rockers and valve springs for a Chevy Small block V8 and just have extra, what do you guyz think?
Thank you all for takein the time to read this and help me out!
Also, I will be ordering these parts through www.jegs.com or www.summitracing.com
I want to get as much performance out of these heads as i can without spending A Lot of dough, just resaonable money, and WITHOUT putting in bigger Valves and pleae dont tell me to drop in a V8!;)
Also, I am not putting in a cam. I am open to suggestions, again, thanks for your time
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comp cams

X88 I have had alot done to my engine (91 4.3Z). call comp cams they have what your looking for and will answer any questions you might have. also look at "my mods" in my sig if ther is anything you want to know or have questions about e-mail me and I will fill you in. oh about the valves I'll ask the place that did my engine, I know they're stainless from MANLY but I don't know the size though but its stock size. I use the truck as a daily driver also. 1.6 rockers might be too big for your covers I seem to remember someone else having problems w/that comp has 1.52 full roller rockers called pro magnums part # 1317-12 http://compcams.com/information/Products/RockerArms/ProMagnum.asp 800-999-0853. the springs I have are from EDELBROCK 5814.:cool: :thumbup:
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