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QA1 GS401 Coilover Fit

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I have an '03 base model S10 2.2L 5 speed. Got the GS401-10650C coilover kit and have attempted to install it, but I encountered some problems.

First the spring did not allow the shock piston to go into the upper hole far enough to see threads even with the spring adjuster bottomed out. I managed to push it up enough to get a nut and washer on with a jack, it was only about 1/2" short so no big deal

The other issue I encountered is the bottom of the shock does not line up with the lower control arm, and as shown in the picture I used a ratchet strap to the other side to pull it in to get bolts in.

Then I realized the lip folded down on the frame around the spring pocket is just a hair above the coil. It's definitely going to hit when the coil is more compressed. It's also visible there in the picture.

So I need to ask, is this normal? Did I get the wrong kit? Do I need to cut the lip off the frame?
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It isn't advertised by the coil-over companies, but the upper spring and shock mount on an S10 aren't centered on each other, so it does cause misalignment and side loading on the shocks. I discourage using the hybrid coil-over setups for this reason, but many people including myself have run them. I've also worn out 2 sets of QA1 shocks in about 40k miles of use. I know of a few others with issues as well.
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