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QA1 GS401 Coilover Fit

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I have an '03 base model S10 2.2L 5 speed. Got the GS401-10650C coilover kit and have attempted to install it, but I encountered some problems.

First the spring did not allow the shock piston to go into the upper hole far enough to see threads even with the spring adjuster bottomed out. I managed to push it up enough to get a nut and washer on with a jack, it was only about 1/2" short so no big deal

The other issue I encountered is the bottom of the shock does not line up with the lower control arm, and as shown in the picture I used a ratchet strap to the other side to pull it in to get bolts in.

Then I realized the lip folded down on the frame around the spring pocket is just a hair above the coil. It's definitely going to hit when the coil is more compressed. It's also visible there in the picture.

So I need to ask, is this normal? Did I get the wrong kit? Do I need to cut the lip off the frame?
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Nevermind. I rotated the spring halfway around (bottom tail of the coil inbound) and got enough clearance between the coil and lip to push it up into position Both sides fit with no cutting and clear the lip when fully installed, I just had the spring positioned wrong.
Good deal
It isn't advertised by the coil-over companies, but the upper spring and shock mount on an S10 aren't centered on each other, so it does cause misalignment and side loading on the shocks. I discourage using the hybrid coil-over setups for this reason, but many people including myself have run them. I've also worn out 2 sets of QA1 shocks in about 40k miles of use. I know of a few others with issues as well.
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