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Well it is time for me to start a project thread. My original plan was to build a high performance Syclone but opted to sell the project in favor of a typhoon, Since I already have my Xtreme and the typhoon offers more creature comforts, which gives me more opportunity to for custom interior( My favorite part of a vehicle) and the ability for a cruiser of sorts.

The project is mostly being performed by myself, friends, family and a few old school guys from way back. My first truck was a 92 blazer (still have) but the last few years have been working on classics such as a 68 impala, sisters street rod, countless el camino’s and so on. But this project is more of a modern day streetrod so the best of both worlds.

We have been working on the truck for the last couple months and some of the build details are a half ton front differential, a 12 bolt rear end with 33 spline axles,rack and pinion steering, Full coil over suspension, Custom tubular control arms, triangulated 4 link in the rear, Front and rear Sway bars,fully boxed frame, c5 disk brakes on all four corners, Hand made sumped aluminum fuel cell, Also will be featuring 18x 10 in the front and 18x12 inch in the rear typhoon wheels( Stock appearance but bigger). Enough for now on the chassis on with a few pictures. I only get to work on the weekends which I go to school in Fargo, ND and the truck is in the Twin Cities, MN. But after Dec. 10 I am done with school for the semester and will hopefully get a lot done in that time.

I would really like to acknowledge my parents for their constant support and Mike(Acehaag) since the chassis fabrication has been done completely at his shop and he has spent many hours designing parts and helping work on the project. There are many others to thank and they know who they are. Thanks again and now our feature presentation.

Here is a picture of the truck it is a 92 typhoon black/black.

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Subscribed - Not that I need to or anything
Here are a few of the frame close to when we started. We both are bad at remembering cameras but are pretty good about it.
Threw the truck on a junk blazer frame and got to cleaning the typhoon frame.

Notice anything missing in this picture? The half ton diff. requires a little cutting.:haha:

Here are a few shots of the front diff being mocked up

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Here are some picture of the rear first is the 12 bolt housing with an 8.8 in the back ground:rolleyes:.

Here you see we had to cut out around the old bump stops they hold moisture and such now needing some minor repair.

And here is the very early mock up of the rear end.

Mike is suppose to be getting a few new pictures tomorrow so stay tuned.
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whats the reason for the huge holes cut in the frame almost above the axle?
whats the reason for the huge holes cut in the frame almost above the axle?
Here you see we had to cut out around the old bump stops they hold moisture and such now needing some minor repair.

If you need any help guys I'll gladly put up some time. Not like I ever have anything else going on anyway :haha:
Why are ya guys using a 12b? Just curious..
wow, this thing will be killer! cant wait to see it in the spring!
Why are ya guys using a 12b? Just curious..
We are using the 12 bolt rear end for the same reason as the halfton front differential, strength. The 12 bolt is being built with 33 spline axles(stock is 30 spline) a yukon duregrip center section. We will be running 3.73 gear ration with a 27 inch overall diameter tire.

Also the 12 bolt has the upper mounts already there for the triangular four link:cool:.
I also wrote this up late last night and forgot to mention the truck deadline is at the begging of March. I also forgot to acknowledge the sponsors on the project as well which will be filled in later on.
thanks for the comment AceHaag is getting some picture today which should be up this evening.
hell yes Jim! gimme a holler if ya need a hand or anything!
looks like there is a lot missing from the front of the typhoon frame.
you know im in the area.... call me for any help...

Are you planning on cleaning up the frame? Ive seen a lot of people on here use POR15.
hell yeah

thanks guys I am hoping to update it later once I get my photobucket figured out.
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