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Project street/race s10

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I purchased this s10 prior to covid so not much got done at all. Most everything done is cosmetic.
I purchased the s10 from a guy selling it for his daughter, it was advertised as a 2003 ended up being a 2000 my bad for NOT checking.

The night it was towed home, 2.2 blown headgasket, GM 4l60e new from chevy, truck is wet in pic

Removed the center console and separated the seats and added a floor shifter and console.

I found a Cervini hood locally at a good price

Since I have 3 sets of C5 wagon wheels I decided to put them on as well.

I went to my favorite salvage yard to pick up an 8.8 but was lured into the s10 section only to find the 8.5 big 10 bolt complete well come on guys you know I got busy with a quickness!

Got it home for a bath

Then some semi gloss black paint

Then rolled it out to the s10 for the instal

Of course the rotors and pads were shot so I had to put on some slotted and drilled rotors yes I forgot to put a few new studs in.....

It is time for a little body work since the bed has the damage hardest to repair (for me) that is....

Bumper pulled off.
I tried to use a stud welder but the crease was just not working with me so I did 3 spots and let it set for almost a year lol
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Today I got some courage to work on 1 of the 2 dents in the bed corner. The crease is almost gone now. Tools were, small dolly, block of wood and a hammer oh and a propane torch.
This is not by any means a show truck build of any kind I just want a clean looking s10 to thrash on the track. If I continue to work with the metal I should be able to minimize the amount of filler.

More to come, I have never been one to take photos of work in progress but I am learning.
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I bought a pair of doors from a clean Jimmy and the guy tossed in both fenders and of course this s10 has one aftermarket fender on the passenger side and a bent fender on the driver's side so that worked out great

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It started off as a turbo Ls project but I have changed my mind a bit 😏
Not sure of the actual color it looks red but its more of a burgundy color.
Those Jack stands were returned to HF without incident once I found out about the recall. Scary thought
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Time to clean up the flower pot s10
Just got back from the bone yard with my new 8.8 Explorer rear end. This 8.8 was purchased for my 2002 s10 until I saw it had 4.10 gears in it so it is now going into the flower pot and the 8.5 will go into 2002 since it has 3.42s WIN WIN situation.
Freshly pulled 8.8

Degreeser and pressure wash, works like a champ.
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17x8 C5 front wheels getting ready to get widened to 17x11
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Today started off as another trip to the boneyard in search of spare parts for both trucks. After a little hunting I came across a clean little Oldsmobile Bravada that still had the bumper cover and driving lights intact. I think it will look sweet on this truck once it gets a small modification to allow the s10 grille to fit🤫
Now I have to get new lights, the old ones are not worth polishing out.

Well, I 110% forgot my issue with this truck. Prior to me the front had taken a hit and the replacement core support is an aftermarket POS and the holes for the pinch tabs are way off I need to pick up another core support from my local boneyard.
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8.8 4.10 gears all painted and ready to be installed. I do have new stainless brake lines on the way
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BTW, I don't know if you noticed, the 8.8 passenger side axle and tube is 3 1/16" longer than the driver side...
Yes, I sure do. My first 8.8 instal was around 1999/2000 I use corvette wheels 95% of the time either I redrill the pattern or I put 1.25" spacers on it that use ford to chevy pattern.
All is well🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
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No not at all, just have a lot of years under my 52 year old belt.
8.8 is in and now I have to order a few parts from Thorbros.com since the 8.8 is much different from the 8.5.
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A little mock up after swapping rear ends, the core support is aftermarket and fits terrible so it comes back out when the replacement arrives.
Starting to like the Bravada bumper.
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Yesterday was a poop show!
I finished the install of my newly acquired 8.8 I get ready to bolt up the spacers just to see they do not fit WTF!!!! The spacers I ordered were 1.25" 4.50 to 4.75 what I actually got was 4.75 to 4.50 GRRRRREATTTTT!!!!!!
Off to FB market place I go looking for some Mustang wheels 5 minutes later I find a complete set of basic 16" Mustang wheels. Cheaper to buy wheels then to wait for new spacers or better yet my guy that redrills my axles... Atleast the flower pot can move around.
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Since I had the wrong spacers I noticed 1 very cool thing. I ordered these almost a year ago to put an 8.8 in my s10 and put corvette wheels on of course that got fouled up by no ones mistake but my own...... Turns out it was not a waste at all 1.25" spacers basically puts the mustang wheel nearly the same spot as the factory s10 wheel so now all 4 mustang 16x7.5 wheels are on the s10. I can easily add a 10.5" rear wheel with the amount of space left😉 and it looks like I will have almost another 1/2" when I instal the thorbros 4 link. Win Win
Now, I can decide on which front brakes to use...Factory Blazer or C6 brakes... Leaning towards the C6 swap.
Front with 1.25" spacers Chevy to Ford


Rear spacing with a Mustang 16x7.5 wheel and a stock length Explorer 8.8 don't mind the overspray I have a braided hose kit to instal

Just over 3" of room to allow 10.5-11" rim measurement is from the bulge of the tire to the leafspring.

I have been asked on numerous occasions, Why do I use Corvette wheels and why do I use so many salvaged/used parts?
The answer is quite easy, just take a look at how many projects are NOT completed, aborted and or sold off for a fraction of what they actually have invested.
There are plenty parts out there that the guy wasting money has purchased just to find out that awesome part does not work with or fit with other parts in the build. Corvette wheels are a dime a dozen and generally look pretty good on s10s.
Explorer rear axle can be had inexpensively and generally come with LSD, 3.73 or 4.10 gears compared to getting an axle then adding your choice of gears, LSD/Locker etc.
Brake upgrade, Blazer spindles and calipers are a direct bolt on or you can use some other factory brake set up with slight modification on the cheap compared to the alternative. Building a sport truck, drag truck, hot rod etc. Does not have to be a financial drain. The biggest expense on an s10 swap is your choice in Drivetrain, harness conversion and headers. I LOVE to drive my vehicles so all of them get built with the thought of cruising possibly a road trip even.
Make a reasonable budget build your truck then if you want other stuff then go for it. Many have caviar dreams with a Jack in the Box wallet.
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Thank you Madmax
I just checked and thus far I am nearly 1500 below targeted budget for this build. This frees up the budget a little bit for a few performance parts like headgaskets, head studs possibly my camshaft, valve springs and retainers.
Went to visit the old street truck, everything that I have scheduled to do has been done and now it's time to have the Thorbros 4 link welded into position. Then for the front: Viking coilovers, tall ball joints and all new steering componets.
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Time for some bars and welding to be done along with a C notch.
28" Hoosier on a 15x10 will sit back here for track days.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting
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